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Elite FS 1 Spot Open


New Member
Before my pitch I'd like to say...yes, we all have our own opinion as to why our Fellowship is 'the best'. I can respect that, as I expect others to respect my opinion...so, please refrain from Troll posts. Thanks

I say we are an Elite Fellowship here in Elcyandir for one simple reason...we excel in ALL three Team offerings in the game - Adventures, Tournament and Spire. We are the current Reigning Adventure Champions - when we decide to go all out in an Adventure we ALWAYS place in the Top 3. Tournaments - we currently are achieving 14 or 15 chests in every Tournament. Spire - we are now getting Gold at least 3x per month...as our newer players learn better how to navigate the Spire and work on their Fire Birds this will soon be a weekly happening. We do have some requirements, but they are in no way a burden to the daily player. Fact is our group goes far beyond the basic requirements and is the reason why we excel as a group - everyone does their fare share. We have a fun and VERY lively chat - you will find the chat messages maxed at 100 quite often when you log on...much better than a DEAD ZONE, wouldn't you say?

We are looking for an active/daily player who wants to increase the benefits and rewards for their efforts in a group that excels. I request that you please read our Overview - Shelter from the Storm is the name of our Fellowship...to fully understand what we expect/want and are all about - TEAM & FAMILY. If you are interested, please message me in the game for a more prompt response. Cheers!