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Elven Architect


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I have never used Elven Architect for anything. I have looked at it at found it seems hard to use in a constructive way. If you are a user or past user of EA, tell me what features you liked or like to use and maybe a tip. Thanks for helping a confused player out.


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Well it’s also geared for desktop experience so if you try to use it on mobile, it might be a more subpar experience. You can load your city from your Elvenstats profile and then be able to move buildings around to figure out new layout. You would still have to then move the actual pieces in your game to match the layout. If you are a browser player, sometimes you can’t see random holes in your building since it’s blocked by tall buildings. Sometimes you forgot where you placed something and can’t find it in the game. It’s easier to look for it on EA. If you need help, someone else can view your city when they are not in your world. They can show you the better arrangement. There are some EA magicians on the forums.

It’s also a comprehensive database of all the buildings available so you can see which are the most efficient mana, seed, culture, population, etc producers.


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In addition to what others have said:
On the City Planner in EA, I like the 'Report' option. It provides info on just about everything being produced in the city. (I find it especially helpful when I'm trying to count the number of lvl 1 bldgs I have for FA farms. lol!). Expand the 'Production' section, then click on any resource and a window will pop up showing the buildings being counted for production. There are also options to put in things like culture boost %, number of collections made/day, etc, to get a more exact measure of what's actually being produced. You can play around with swapping different bldgs in and out to see the impact that has on specific productions. You can also play around with 'collections/day' to decide how often you need to be setting/collecting productions. While these numbers will not exactly match what you have in your city (explained in his 'FAQ's' section in the bottom right corner of the home page), it will still help with decision making.
The other items on the 'Tools' tab that I use are the Battle Simulator and the Research Calculator. I found the Training Calculator helpful in earlier chapters, but I don't use it anymore.
I don't have a need for the Unit tab, but I can see where smaller cities just learning the battle system could benefit from the various Unit comparison tables.


You can load your city from your Elvenstats profile and then be able to
If you drag all the way over to the reports on the right edge of the screen, and CLICK on a summary, you'll get a full list of YOUR buildings of that type.

It's really nice to have a sortable checklist when you're weeding out obsolete buildings.


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Is Architect gonna have the new event bldgs ( before )
the Event starts ??? Usually they have them like a week ahead.


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Is Architect gonna have the new event bldgs ( before )
the Event starts ??? Usually they have them like a week ahead.
I suspect that our Architect is on holiday - his last known activity looks to be a partial score on the July 16th tournament. I have my eye on this.