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Open Elvenar citywide blackout


Well-Known Member
So, this is a bit weird. I use a mobile emulator, but it's not done this before, and it didn't affect the world map, as you can see in the video.

Access details:
Version: v1.138.1-c6d3eaf-256 (us 1.138)
World: Elcysandir
Browser: N/A - Mobile Emulator: Bluestacks
OS: Win 10 64 Home
Screen resolution: 2560 x 1600
Account name: OIM20
Reproducibility: 1/5 = happened once (and I don't want it to happen again *shudders*)

Active quests:
  • Fellowship Adventure!
  • Perfect Logistics
  • Natural Culture
Current situation: The screen turned black after loading the city. The world map was not black, and moving around did not make it so. Moving around in city did not cause a jittering image (as though it might be trying and failing to load graphics). Attempting to use different functions in city did not cause any kind of jitter or result in the city graphics returning. Logging out to the world select screen and logging back in did resolve the problem, but it shouldn't have happened at all, yeah?

Expected situation: The city should not experience a blackout. I paid the electric bill, I'm sure. ;)

Reproduction steps: Unknown

Video capture: password: blackscreen

I do not know why it appears fuzzy. It is not fuzzy on my computer. :( But you can still see the problem. So, for the purposes of the report, just note please that the fuzziness (if you see it) isn't part of the problem.

Speedtest sent via PM. No sound on this video to give you a coronary, @helya. It's quiet. (If it's any consolation, it nearly did the same to me because I'd forgotten I'd turned off the sound in the one city and not muted the speakers.)


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
I've had this happen to me before, but not on mobile. Were you able to clear it?


Well-Known Member
Yes, by logging out to go back to the world select screen. Then when I re-entered Elcysandir, it was back to normal and didn't do it again.

I haven't had it happen on browser. I think that might just upset me more, thinking my relatively new laptop had given up the ghost.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
I have a lot of different devices and PCs (issues, I know). I think it happened on my Chromebook, not the app, the browser. I've been fiddling with Bluestacks to see if I can reproduce it, but so far no luck. What emulator were you using?

Grid Gypsy

Active Member
Possibly not related but, I had a black screen and then eventually a black diagonal over red screen after trying to reload a couple of times two or three days ago. It turned out that for whatever reason, Elvenar didn't update on Bluestacks like it had in the past. I had to manually update it from the home screen and then everything was fine after that.


Well-Known Member
I double checked just to be sure, and I do have the latest update. It shows the last new version was 27 September, which is the one I have. But I will definitely keep that in mind when this eventually happens again.