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Elvenar Haiku (read my first post before replying with your first post)


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Please adhere strictly to the 5-7-5 syllable format as required. Also, try to display the essence of Haiku in that it should have the two inherent parts of 'observation' and 'realization'. Other, more sublime characteristics of Haiku could be present; they will not be enumerated here but we will know them when we see them. And, as an obvious respect for the poems simplicity, they should be offered one at a time, not in multiples. Also, interjections, such as 'duh' and 'oh, no' are obvious artifice and contrary to the self-evident, compact realization of Haiku; please avoid them.
Allow me to start.

Now a new guest race-
How to arrange my layout?
Click on 'elvengems'.
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Endless quest cycle
Goods, coins, supplies, culture, elves
Recycling hoards

Hot damn, that was hard. Especially after I googled that stuff. It got harder. I don't even.


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The Internet cheats -
It turns people into dupes.
Real life is the same.


After the storm, grand
father rakes up the debris,
revealing the dirt.