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Elvenar Tales is Recruiting members

Tally Berryraw

New Member
Hello there,
Our fellowship is @ 15 fellows...We're especially seeking members who are boosted in STEEL, CRYSTAL or ELiXiR, but even if you're not... we'd be glad to have you. We manage to get 4 0r 5 tourney chest and will do better with your help, this last tourney we broke our record and got our first 6th chest in Feb.2020 Just in time for Valentines day. one of the big events is The Fellowship event and we finish that covering 3 path on first tier 1 path on second and 2 path on 3rd tier...not sure how many rounds of pit we done but it was alot (I'll find out how many and edit post) All we ask is that you be active when you can and visit your fellows . If you're new and need some help we are glad to help....

UPDATE: We are a@ 17 fellows :)
(sorry , not sure how many rounds of pit we did...we had almost 2 days of it.)
Laurel, Ana, Workhorse and Tally are our leadership fellows,
the rest you will meet soon !
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New Member
I'm not sure if I will meet your requirements. I work long hours, and I do not do a lot of talking. Fairly new to the game, started just before the holidays. The fellowship was my first big quest. I was with another group. Only three of us did the quest. We managed to complete 1 level and get a chest. But it took 5 days for the highest memeber in our three man team to figure out how to get the anient wonders badge. Once she did, we completed that level with 1 day to spare. The group disbanded, I've been on my own. Let me know, thanks.

Tally Berryraw

New Member
Hi Blacksheep 24, Real Life first...Try us I think you will fit in just fine! we are a friendly group and we go with the flow ;) sounds like your 3 man team went all out!!! you will be great! I'll send invite :)