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Elvenar Trading Company fellowship



Please join the Elvenar Trading Company fellowship, an active and helpful fellowship.

We are seeking active, mature players, any skill level, that is open to communication via mail, chat, and the forums. We will help those new to the game. We seek teachers, students, and leaders.

We will be creating an Elvenar Trading Company 2 shortly to allow more members into our group.

Thank you, and welcome !

p.s. We are open to mergers too ! Pls merge with us, at Elvenar Trading Company 3 !
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Hi there - All For Fun is a new FS created by a few seasoned p[layers who are not looking for law and order - we have a particular dislike for those who demand you play only under their rules - the game is supposed to be fun - we would love to have players of any experience - we have 3 experienced players who can help new players with the game and have plenty of mats - the only thing we ask is to visit others in the FS when you can - that's it - so whats not to like ? - we have even sent it up so you don't have to go through the hassle of invites - just join - anyone - check us out - All For Fun - thanks for your consideration