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The hard way, moving one piece at a time.

ElvenStats has a link that puts a copy of your city into the ElvenArchitect, but nothing you do in the Architect (or any other 3rd-party site) feeds back into Elvenar. Make your new city layout in the Architect, then use it as a reference to physically rearrange & grow your real city.


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--- deleted contents. completely misread the op. please hold while i craft something --


Initially, I thought you wanted to know how to view a new city (as in, freshly-created chapter 1 or 2 on a new server sort of "new"). That could be done by joining a top-750 fellowship, then forcing ElvenStats to index your city through its Fellowship page before heading to ElvenArchitect.

Going from ElvenArchitect to Elvenar, however? That has to be done manually. Otherwise, ElvenArchitect would have to do some spooky things like ask for your login credentials or install an extension to your browser which can then reach into your Elvenar session and do other spooky things. I want to say that allowing those things is against the game's Terms of Service, but I can't find the relevant clause. So... maybe?

Either way, ElvenArchitect doesn't do any of those things, and you have to do it the hard way, just as @quin629 said
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dikke ikke

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Yes you have to do it the hard way, just prepared my city for the coming FA, planned in elvenarchitect what to send to the archive and replace with marble facories, so i had to add 240 marble factories the hard way, took me like 3 hours.


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Be thankful for small mercies. My original AM told me about ElvenArchitect but failed to tell me about ElvenStats. I thought I had to create the copy of my city in the Architect by building it there, piece by piece by piece.......