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Elvenar's Birthday Event - Discussions!


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episode 3 was NOT decided by random drawing...go back n read the contest description again (same reply for @AtaguS ; can't figure out how to do multi-quote reply)
It was advertised as a raffle. The three bonus gravity inns were by raffle; that was confirmed in this thread. Further they did not give the metric they used for determining the effort based rewards. If they divided the entries into ten categories and chose the best from each category to make the top ten, then some categories may be more competitive than others. Without knowing the metric used, it is difficult to say how well it was followed.
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first of all, i don't bake...2nd, no, y would i post a recipe when i don't bake? n i already said i didn't look thru all the entries, just the winners, so i have no idea how many recipes there were, or stories. n as far as creativity, my whole point was that winning entries should've been based on artistic merit n visual quality...that kinda WAS the whole point of the contest from the description, which asks that u send in "an image where the user name is visible"...IMAGE
I'm sorry you don't bake. But I don't draw or take pictures.

AND, while I'm on the subject, are you, as Plato was, somewhat dubious about cooking in general? He had one of his characters describe cooking as a [merely] a "knack." As a long time creator of several recipes -- some of which are on restaurant menus today -- I can tell you for a fact that cooking is a creative act. The recipe is the thing. You don't get a prize in a cook off if you can't supply the recipe (mostly so the judges can be sure it's not a rip off and has stayed in the rules of the contest). The result just tells you how good the recipe is. And since the actual pie could not be posted, the only choices you, or anybody has, of it's taste is to make it or trust that tastes good. My the recipe quoted wasn't a knock of of something I found in Betty Crocker or on line. It was 100% original and the story was created to tie it into Elvenar.

But the specific instructions were:

To participate in this episode of the contest, we invite you to create something related to Elvenar or its birthday - anything you like, be it baked, cooked, drawn, crafted, or composed. Then, to enter, upload an image (photo or screenshot) of it in which your Elvenar (forum) username is visible, via the 'Enter the Competition' button below.

So you might have a point. I took the "image" part to mean if the thing was a visual thing. How one would take a picture of something "composed" I wonder. Or a story? Or, for that matter a recipe? I mean I didn't enter a pie, I entered a recipe for a pie AND a fictional story about how the pie came to be. I suppose I could have written the recipe on a piece of paper and took a picture of the paper with my user name on it....? But the recipe is in the story so it would have been repetitious. By the same token I could have typed out the story and then taken a picture of it, complet with my user name, but would that then have been two entries? No, a strict interpretation of the rules was probably not in the cards once the contest began to include creativity not easily captured by an image. In the end I am thankful the contest judges went with the spirit of the competition, rather than a strict interpretation of the rules.

I suspect the contest sponsors, in writing out the rules, really didn't consider the list of possible creative things and how they could be presented visually. Like many they probably assumed the vast majority of entries, if not all, would be visual or at least textual. I'm picturing the addition of "baked" or "cooked" as a "toss off" just to say, "any form is acceptable." That's my take on the behind the scenes thinking, anyway.

Still, you do have a point. Next time I'll do better, and use a nice butter-cream frosting to spell out my user name, take pictures, and it all in style. But of course, then I'd be entering a pie, not a recipe for a pie, and how can you judge the quality of the pie if you don't bake or there's no way to send you a slice? Maye you could take up baking and enjoy a nice slice.

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I daresay I was the one being referred to in Darth Lothlorien's second point. Although it was a while back, and I doubt it really calls for an acknowledgement, I wish to reply. Whilst I don't see how age has bearing on the matter, I'll state for the record: I'm an adult and mature enough to take credit for my own artwork. Incidentally, for the record, I have no formal artistic education/training.

I won't deny your statement: it is, in my own opinion as well, low quality; of course, that is subject to each individual's personal opinion - after all, there are people that consider splats of paint on a canvas to be art. I had only managed to successfully join the forum one day before the giveaway ended - in a nutshell, I never received a verification email, and couldn't find any way to get it resent, so it took a while for me to gain access to the forum - and didn't have nearly the same amount of time others did to plan, or work on, my third entry. I actually only had about 20 minutes to work on it, and just barely managed to finish and submit it before the deadline. However, unlike winners in the third episode of the giveaway, my entry didn't win a prize by virtue of the effort and time that was put in to it; rather, I was fortunate enough to be randomly selected for one of three bonus Gravity Inns, and the requirement for eligibility was to have entered all three episodes with valid entries, which I (fortunately) met.

In closing, I acknowledge my third entry wasn't good, but the quality had no bearing on whether or not I received a Gravity Inn. I was simply fortunate enough to have been randomly chosen for one of three bonus Gravity Inns, which required valid entries ìn all three episodes of the giveaway for eligibility. Anyone could have been chosen - heck, someone who did stick figures could've gotten a Gravity Inn - and I'm simply appreciative for the opportunity and really happy to have a Gravity Inn.