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Evaluating the Enemy Icons


The Icons under the strength numbers, mine and theirs.... what do they mean ... for instance, what does the Fist mean, is that good or bad ?? Sorry if this has been covered here.....

Nonchalant Antipathy

Well-Known Member
Excellent question! When you hover over one of your units before selection and entering into the fight, it is showing you that your unit, in this specific case, is stronger or equivalent to the red fist enemy unit, which is the icon used for all heavy melee troops. When nothing shows up over the enemy, it means that that unit is weaker than the enemy unit. Each type of unit has an icon to denote whether it is heavy melee (red fist), light melee (blue sword), light ranged (green arrows), magic (purple... thingie), and heavy ranged (yellow fireball), and all units fit into one of theses categories. Different types are stronger and weaker in comparison to other types, and choosing units to send into a battle that are stronger against the enemy results in fewer losses. Light ranged and mages receive certain boosts when fighting against heavy melee, for example, such as doing more damage or lowering the defense of the enemy unit they hit with an attack.

For more in-depth information on what each unit is best for, you can click on the little "I" in the upper-right corner of the unit portrait to open up its description.

...And this is probably a fairly confusing explanation, but I do hope it makes sense.


Well-Known Member
With a few exceptions, the most important thing to remember about enemies is the type that Nonchalant explained above.
5 types is much, much easier to sort out than trying to remember all the different units by name.
Different names in the same type may have slightly different strengths and weaknesses but have roughly same impact on your units.

One primary exception (and it may just be my personal bias) is the MistWalker -- those things are simply demon spawn wenches of death masquerading as light range types. I aggressively target these whenever I find them against me.