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Event Rewards


Greetings, forum readers!
I'm using this post to wish for event rewards that I would love to see.

First, I'd love to see several new tree designs. I love the 3x3 trees in the March of the Herds event, but really want to see a few smaller, simpler tree designs. I'm thinking 1x2 and 2x1 options of a few varieties of trees.

Second, I want to see some more versions of low level culture buildings. In particular, I would love:
  • Purple blossom trees
  • Orange berry trees
  • Gift of the garden fairy
  • Crop of joy
  • Blue flowers
  • Decorative flower pot
Happy building!


I would like to see the Unicorns replaced with a different animal. Maybe a Griffin or a Centaur (Spelling??)
Not sure if this is tricky, but making them animated-stomping its feet or lifting its head.:D:D


They probably go with unicorns because they are more closely related to elves than griffins and centaurs (theoretically) war with elves. It also seems to me that Elvenar is centered around elves. But maybe a Pegasus with the animations would be cool.


Not to hijack the thread but it just occurred to me... If they expand the chapters again... The next guest race COULD be Centaurs... Which would be cool... Even though it is a LONG LONG way off for me :)


Griffins and Centaurs would be awesome. So would a Centaur guest race. I want to see Centaurs walking around my city.

I wouldn't mind a non-guest race chapter too. Maybe something like a festival that you build up and have to destroy for the next guest race.


Mathematician par Excellence


I was just thinking how I was going to have to hoard a lot of goods for the next quest. My awesome idea came. :D Instead of relics, let us win manufacturing goods (daily prizes). :cool:

Instead of the Unicorns we can get cute cuddly baby dragons that breath fire at our elves/humans aimlessly walking our streets. I can't imagine big, scary looking dragons being able to fit in the same space, maybe surly teen dragons.
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