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Yep, you just found one of the best fellowships in Felyndral. Our values make us an efficient and fun team while helping each other advance their city. We know when to work hard and hardly work. Growing our cities in different ways but most importantly, we come together for a common goal….to relax and have a good time. Come check us out and stay as long as you like!
2 spaces available for active players. Marble or crystal would be nice and/or 100k score (or close).
Please, contact any management or apply. Thank you!

The Golden Rules:
1. Drama will not be tolerated.
2. Visit at least 3-4 times a week.
3. We understand real life comes first. Message management if you’re going to be out more than a few days.
4. Build your boosted factories only and trade, trade, trade.
5. 2 stars or better trades.
6. Cross tier trades are not encouraged.
7. Participate in group activities as much as possible for fun and city growth items.
8. KP chains, no clubs to sign up for.
"Focus" tournament (10th chest) once a month. We strive for many things but stress over nothing!
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