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Excess Rune Shards for completed Ancient Wonders...

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I've completed and built a few of the Ancient Wonders now, yet still seem to accumulate shards which appear to be unusable; so far I have about 40 that are just banked in completed & built Wonders. My questions is: Is there a function for these shards later or are they really just collecting for no purpose?

My progress to date is beginning of lvl 5 in Knowledge Tree, about 30 provinces larger than I should be in scouting & have built Tome of Secrets & Golden Abyss; Endless Excavation & Needles of Tempest are complete, but not yet built due to lack of space.

Thanks in advance for the help.
-Morrigan :)


I haven't gotten to that level yet but advanced players say that you will need the runes after leveling up AWs to Level 5.
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When you get additional runes for a wonder you have already built, you will need them later on if you upgrade the wonder.
The upgrades to lvl 2, 3, 4 and 5 are all possible only by investing a lot of KP (Knowledge Points) in the wonder. The upgrade to lvl 6 requires no KP, but requires you to fill the ring again.
I think the same happens at lvl 11, but I have no wonders above lvl 7 yet.

(On average, I need about 20-25 runes to fill the circle)

If yo get a lot of runes for one particular wonder you might build it and sell it. Then you will need to fill the ring again, with chances of breaking the runes.
You can use the shards to form runes of a wonder you really do want to build.


Thanks for the info! I figured there must be a reason for the continued collection of the shards, I just couldn't figure it out on my own.
Of course after I posted, my bf suggested I check the wiki page... duh. ;)

Thanks again!!!