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Open FA event screen closes prematurely


Well-Known Member
Problem: The running FA event screen does no longer allow one to collect multiple different badges on the browser. When opening the event screen, selecting a badge and clicking 'collect' it closes the screen instead of allowing to collect the next badge.

Game version: v1.102.6-(7545052b) (2020-04-27 10:26)
World : Dutch Server, US Elcysandir, US Sinya Arda
Brower: Opera 67.0.3575.137 / Chrome 81.0.4044.129 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Operating system : Windows 10, 64 bit
Account : Dhurrin

Reproduced : 5/5

- tried this on dutch server, US server Elcysandir and US server Sinya Arda. All show the same problem
- tried to log in with a different browser, same problem occurs.
- rebooted, problem still occurs

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It is worth to be fixed. There are two days to the end of the event. Come on it is a 15 minutes work please