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Fae Sidhe Family Recruiting in Winyandor



We are a brand new Fellowship part of the Fae Sidhe Family and are looking for active tournament players who believe in teamwork, fair play and communication.

Currently we have 24 members and are getting 10 Chests/week.​

Our Requirements:

  1. T scores: 1000 pts for cities 100,000 and over and 800 pts for cities under 100,000
  2. Neighborly visits at least 4x per week
  3. We are a boosted goods group. Non-boosted factories are allowed at level 1 for Events and Adventures
  4. 2 & 3 Star trades only
  5. No Cross-tier trades
  6. Fellowship Adventure participation required
  7. Check in-game email messages daily

If you would be interested in becoming a part of the Fae Sidhe family and helping build this new dynamic fellowship please message the Archmage Shionnach, thank you
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Trillianne Shadow

New Member
We are looking for members. Perhaps your fellowship would like to merge with ours? We grow quite quickly and do well in tournaments.


Please, private message me if you are interested.