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Fangs and Fire is Looking for an Active/Casual Player!!!

Discussion in 'Fellowships seeking Members' started by CiraKelley, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. CiraKelley

    CiraKelley Member

    Jan 22, 2017
    *~*~Welcome to Fangs and Fire!!!~*~*
    ~Franchise Est. April 2016!!!~
    ***Looking for an active player, with a casual, friendly gaming attitdue***
    Scrolls boost a plus but any boosts are great!
    Elvenar’s biggest franchise FS!!! We’ve been around for over 2 yrs. & have gained a HUGE gaming FAMILY full of dedicated, friendly members!

    We understand that real life needs come first. Having open communication about your needs is key to staying with our group. 3 visits a week min. here (most play daily). Some of our members are unable to do this at times & that’s ok! We won’t allow anyone to stay with us who continuously miss visits and won’t help out their team mates with trades, etc.

    ~We have weekly updates! No req. to increase scores & there’s no reprimand for losing points. This is a fun bonus to view your own progress & to share any gaming news!
    ~We send out event quest lists! Tourney tips are shared each week! You get to know about all game updates!
    ~We have a Facebook group page too! On FB, search: Elvenar’s Fangs and Fire to find us! (members only)

    ***Trader: All trades must be posted at 2 stars + and cross trades are to be posted RARELY and at a 3 star status (fair cross trades are a 5:2:1 ratio. Ex: 500 planks, 200 crystal, 100 gems NOT 100 gems for 1600 planks)

    ~Tourney participation is voluntary but encouraged. Majority of our members play along in each week’s tourney to show teamwork and gain all those goodies/rewards!!!
    ~No Adventures until the badge cycling is improved. :)

    ~No drama/complaining allowed. Anyone who talks down to another member will be expelled. No politics/hot topic issues. No bullies/foul language. Respect takes you further than a bossy/unkind attitude!
    T1: Marble: 12 Steel: 5 Planks: 7
    T2: Crystal: 9 Scrolls: 3 Silk: 12
    T3: Elixir: 7 Dust: 5 Gems: 12

    ~Archmage has been playing for 3+ years!!
    Happy Building!!!