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    Your Elvenar Team

Fangs and Fire~Join Us! :)


We are looking for new members in our Felyndral crew! Overview below!

(Looking for Marble, Silk or Gems :))

*Welcome to our gaming family! Est. in 2016!

F&F is a franchise team across all US, Beta and EN servers! We LOVE meeting new players and working together, where we can all build at our own pace!

Our Set-Up

~THREE visits a week or more! This is our main requirement and SUPER EASY to do! Inactives or those who don't keep up with requirements will be removed within a couple of weeks.

~If you need to be away, please let the Archmage know so we can keep you in our team!

~Post 2 star trades. Cross trades will not be taken very often in our team. We are happy to help those who are stuck. Please let us know in chat if you are in need of extra goods!

~Tourney participation is encouraged but not required. If you are participating we ask that you do at least 30 points or more, to make things fair for others. We love working together to gain weekly rewards!

~Adventures are voluntary. We play along casually, not aggressively. Archmage will lead the team. Please follow instructions we send out. (Fellow title given during the F/A).

~All Events/Challenges/Spire are voluntary!

*Google Sheets Stats Link for all F&F and Dragon's Rest teams (boosts listed in Elvenstats): https://tinyurl.com/y6lqa7s3


~Our own Tips & Guides/Weekly Updates (no req. for score increase or decrease)/
All of the latest gaming news/Voluntary KP Chains!

~Members can join our private Facebook groups page: "Elvenar's Fangs and Fire" (Please leave your player name and Archmage's name when applying to join us!)


Basic, common sense rules apply; no swearing or bullying. No politics or any other hot topic issues allowed. Please respect our set-up, as is. We stick with what works for us! Please be respectful and helpful to every member! We're here to escape and have some fun! :)

~Happy building~

~Archmage has been playing since 2015~

Fangs and Fire is in all US and Beta worlds. F&F Respite and/or Dragon's Rest are in all US, Beta and EN servers!


New Member
This is Wolves 2210 I'm looking to leave my current fellowship in this world at the end of the current adventure. How many openings are there? I may be bringing others.