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FED UP with rune roadblocks


I finally was able to unlock Dwarven Ancient Wonders. I had about 12 provinces that I had left at 7/8 that I was planning on closing out as soon as I made it to DAW bc I was sick of getting nothing but Martial Monastery and Crystal Lighthouse runes (I've got 37 of the latter that are doing nothing but rotting in my coffers; don't even get me started on that!). And, with precision timing, the devs released all those new *** AW's just before I reached the DAWs, so now I keep getting everything but the runes for DAW.

I've got my squad sizes maxed out, but the creature armies so outgun my own that I can't fight my way through them anymore. And, of course, being at only the end of the Dwarves chapter, I can't get the orcs I need to barter my way through them until I get through the entire Fairies chapter and then a good way into the orc chapter. Sure, I could buy shards and craft runes, but that would cost me $84 and, quite frankly, there is no way in hell that I'm going to spend that kind of money just to get a single building.

Congratulations, Devs, you've succeeded in pushing me to the brink of quitting. I might not have spent a ton of money on this game, but I have bought my fair share of diamonds. One would think you'd want to keep the paying players happy since they're the ones who fund you. One would think.

You need to give us a way to exchange runes on an x:1 basis for either different runes or rune shards, or else make it possible for us to get past ring-11 provinces without orcs. If you don't, you are doing nothing but providing us with zero incentive to continue with the game because spending another three months without any possibility of advancing is not likely something I'm going to want to do. I have no doubt that others are in the same boat as I am, and you're driving us away. Bad business decision, IMO.
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You need to give us a way to exchange runes on an x:1 basis for either different runes or rune shards, or else make it possible for us to get past ring-11 provinces without orcs.
• We'd have a universal rune if that were the design intention.
• Ancient Wonder technologies are near the end of each chapter, and THEN you need to acquire approximately 18 + 18 of the associated runes, in order to build the AWs themselves.
• It's not suppose to be an immediate build unless you throw $13.06 worth of diamonds at it.
• You can get plenty of Runes from Tournaments, several per week.
• 222 Provinces are available with nary an Orc in sight if you're negotiating, and you can get a few more provinces if you're a skilled fighter.
• The developers INTRODUCED a hard cap for Negotiation, Orcs are required to negotiate in Ring 11 and beyond, BECAUSE folks had discovered a way to get FAR MORE provinces than could be obtained by fighting.

The very nature of a city builder is that the model is our opponent. Next month we'll find some other way to distort the envelope, and the developers will plug that hole as well.


You need to give us a way to exchange runes on an x:1 basis for either different runes or rune shards
• We'd have a universal rune if that were the design intention.
Not if the exchange ratio is not 1:1, but (much) smaller. At the very least let us break those runes even if the rune ring is full. That way we would get 1/10 of a rune from every rune we're able to obtain which would certainly not be great (and it would still be a pretty big hindrance on the part of the game), but it would at least be something ... Seeing all those inert runes just sitting there doing nothing is frustrating af.


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Farming tournaments for runes is a good alternative if you want runes determine your best strategy based on your resources on how to do this.
Roughly you get a rune from level 3 of the first 2 tournament provinces, runes at level four for most/all provinces and again at level 6.

Cost of fighting and negotiating goes up as you fighter further from your town and harder levels so find the balance of going "long" or "deep" in a tournament that suits you. Both new and old towns are equally able to do this, new ones may have a slight edge. If your town is newer plan on catering if it is more advanced then plan on fighting most if not all tournament encounters.


Right. But it takes hundreds of runes now to get the wonder built that you want. I get crystal lighthouse after cl after cl after cl rune. Meanwhile I can't get the ones I do want. I am in the top 20 of tournament fighters every single week. Many weeks I have been number one. It doesn't help. And I am a very advanced player with hundreds of hours of fighting experience. If I can't get the runes I want, it is going to be harder for others.

Plus, as soon as you hit level 5 you need to fill that circle again. When you hit level 10 you need them again!! It takes me an average of about 30 runes of one type for one circle. I have a 1 in 12 shot of getting those runes. So that is about 360 runes opened per level times 3 levels or 1080 runes to level one wonder up. Winning a handful of runes each week doesn't put a dent in that.

Not to mention I finally upgraded my mountain halls to level 10 and I keep getting runes for that one. 13 more runes I can't use.
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