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Fellowship Adventure Changes


Changes to fellowship adventures should be posted when the timer starts. Otherwise we assume the rules are the same as last time and prepare accordingly. We were totally unprepared for the July adventure due to the new amounts for coin badges. We didn't know until long after cities were set up and teleports were used up, so we were constantly waiting hours on coin badges. I don't think this is the result you intended. And of course, the amounts were extremely excessive!


Well-Known Member
Yes @helya, I would also like an answer to this question as it will make a big difference in making the decision if I will continue participating in future FA


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
@helya So does that mean the increases to Bracelets, Guards and of course Coin badges are here to stay?
Yes @helya, I would also like an answer to this question as it will make a big difference in making the decision if I will continue participating in future FA
For now, yes. I am not the only community manager that is trying to get the badge changes reversed though, so it's very hard to say what actually will happen moving forward.


Well-Known Member
i can see them making badges more of a challenge, but the change was a real hindrance. perhaps a halfway point would be better. or revise the path requirements so that we could plan around a massive coin requirement and take another route, like we can with other badge types. all the paths had big coin dumps in this past FA.

Lady Dastardly

Well-Known Member
Did I hear Bracelets were also hard to come by ??
The amounts needed per bracelet badge were significantly higher. It was most definitely an issue for competitive FS's, where bracelets were already a challenge to begin with. It may have been less of an issue for more "normal" FS's since the maps don't require nearly as many of them as they do coins, or the change may have been overshadowed by the outrage over how completely ridiculous the coins were.

I do believe the bracelet (and obviously coin) requirements should be reversed, but at least the bracelet is something you can at least *somewhat* plan for. For coins there isn't much you can do. Even if you try to accumulate coin rains, you're at the mercy of the Spire, MA, and random goodie bldgs like Genies. Sure, a ferris wheel will give you a 10% coin rain every 2 days. At my chapter & Main Hall level, it would take 8 days in one city, and 10 days in the other, for it to spit out enough coin rains for a single badge.


Well-Known Member
I sold off 3 houses and workshops just to try to get more coin badges, after I used up all my coin rains. The prizes are still mediocre, so why make it any harder than it used to be? The bigger the challenge, the better the rewards, no?