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Fellowship Adventure


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I see your cooking skills are on a par with mine (and possibly @crackie's)
Someone in an old FS was formally trained in culinary school. She gave me a hard time about trying to make soup, but emptying the contents of the can all over my stove because I missed the pot. She claimed making soup from a can is called “reheating” and not actually “cooking”. Well, excuse me, but I beg to differ! I believe it’s called “cleaning”. I never even made it to turning on the stove. I did give her a hard time back for not submitting an entry for the Recipe Contest when it was in her wheelhouse though. Maybe had she entered, I would not be recognized as a Chef now. But I inhaled Flaming Hot Cheetos to get that title so it feels more legit and required more effort than the dubious online process my friend did to became an ordained wedding officiant.
I'm always happy to provide cocktails for the Spire BBQ.
They won’t serve little girls any cocktails, but I can bring enough corn for everyone at the Spire BBQ.

Thanks everyone, I'm only mildly miserable at the moment.
Sorry to hear that you are mildly miserable at the moment, but we have no doubt you are incredibly well prepared to handle the situation. I will do my best to convince Buddy to isolate her umm…grilling talents…to the Spire BBQ in the meantime. Feel better soon.


Buddy Fan Club member

Sorry you are mildly miserable.

Try some spiced mulled wine. Warming the wine with a cinnamon stick and maybe some ginger (I add ginger} makes a lovely little drink to relax with. Especially if you drink it out of a moscow mule. It's not what the cool kids do, but my mules are copper so if I drop it, it's a no breaker. Feel better.


Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
Yeah I was confused for a bit when he said that. I was like have you guys not been given the feed back from the forums and support yet!!!
They say they want our feed back, but they won't use it to change anything.
Maybe they are busy and haven’t had a chance to review it . Maybe if there’s no change in the next one people won’t participate and that will tell you for a fact if they are listening. It’s really up to the players in how much they really want a change.
It’s like a store …. You go into it .. you don’t like what you see … you don’t buy it, you leave. Soon there’s no customers and management takes note and either fixes the issue or the store closes. Done deal ~
These situations are no different….
You don’t like something , stand your ground and force a change.
Actions speak louder then words~