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Fellowship Adventure


Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
oh they understood it. Sent mine today. I got the sense plenty have sent them in to let them know how they feel
I figured that, that’s why I let it go. I’m just thankful it wasn’t just me . I tend to have severe outright stupid blonde mistakes ( they go beyond moments). But this time I got screenshots lol

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
They have lost their minds with the coin badges! Just when we started to think the FA was kind of fun since the changes 2 FS ago, BAM! Interest is back to very, very low again. Oh well! Saves me the trouble of tracking it all. Still a shame since my little FS finished 6th last time. It was first time we did all 3 paths + the pit. Now back to 1 path and very little interest in even that when it comes to a halt every time we hit coin badges.

Adding: This also brings interest in events with evolving buildings to almost zero for about half of my FS. Many can't get all 9 artifacts and get the last 1 or 2 from the FA. If the FA is a no go then so are a bunch of the events.
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I'm writing on behalf of my fellowship. Please lower the amounts needed for those Sack of Coin badges. These have become the unobtainium of the FA.
You should also reconsider the amounts for the Golden Bracelet badges. Once a player gets to the higher levels and updates their manufactured goods to level 24 or higher, the 1-day, and 2-day build are no longer an option. The game has been created to force us to move forward in the chapters, but the FA would have us keep several at level 23 or lower in order to get enough goods. Sure, I can build a bunch of level 1 mfg's, but I'll never make enough for that badge. Either lower the amount of goods needed, or change it back to 9-hour builds.


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Please keep the feedback coming, I will make sure it's all forwarded. No need to submit a ticket if you haven't already, I'll add anything else that I see in this thread.
So is putting a ticket the only way to get the message to INNO?


Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
Well my FS will no longer do FA’s until the situations with the FAs are resolved. It’s always something. It’s very time consuming for an Archmage to begin with …And for what little rewards are given …it’s tittynope and not worth it. We could play a side game in chat and have much more fun and less complaints.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Going back to the source of our information, here is what is known. The German CM summarized known information on a bug report:

And then we have this page 330 of the Company Adventure feedback thread:


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
But if they keep it, I think they should tweak it so that it is easier for early chapters. I have a chapter 5 and chapter 13 cities. The chapter 5 cities are finding it much harder to get the coin badge.

It's next to impossible for all levels, not just early chapters. The fellowships with all late game players are suffering terribly. They need to make it easier across the board.

For example, I have something like 320 neighbors I can visit. I need approximately 190 visits to make one coin badge. So even if I visited everyone in my neighborhood and fellowship every day, AND collected coins from around my city (remember late game players have fewer residences to collect coins from and more event buildings for pop) ... there's almost no way to make 2 coin badges per day. Most new players, if they visit all their neighbors and collect their residence gold faithfully every three hours, can still manage to make close to 2 coin badges. So I'd say it's equally hard across the board. At least it seems like it to me.

So given the fact that the average person can make less than 2 coin badges daily, and given the fact that they want 100s of coin badges, where are these supposed to come from? The Fairy Coin Mother? This is far, far worse than blacksmiths, because at least you can set aside 20 workshops and still get 4 blacksmiths daily. You know what you'll have at the end and can plan for it. This is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Folks, we all know and realize that the coin badges were raised, allegedly by accident. There is an assumption that this will be fixed. But a review of Speedless' posts, has raised an issue. Did the bracelet badge increase, and is there plans to restore ONE and only ONE of these two badges to their previous level. What if there is a change coming in the very near that will render all of our feedback about coins secondary? Is the bracelet badge at that point then the new limiting factor? We need to be canny here, not reckless.
I am having the same problem with coin sacks! That amount discourages a range of players, not just the younger villages. It was a foolish thing to do if you are looking for new players and want players to look forward to enjoying a FA.
I am in 2 FS and the changes esp. the coins are not being looked at kindly.
Hopefully the end result will be that all will end well!! :}


Active Member
just for an opposing view. my fellowship is not competitive in the FA. We have finished under rank 100 once but we get all the maps done. Nobody has said a word about the sack of coin badge. I brought it up but still nobody cares. we have 2 maps done now (1 path each) and as we don't care about ranking in this event we are ahead of schedule with almost 4 days left in the event. 3 players missed the first reward but one was travellinig to Italy and one has been absent without reason for the last week. Everything is going ahead as scheduled. I personally have made only 3 or 4 sacks of coins but have not done anything extra like visit tons of neighbors or use coin instants.


Thinker of Ideas
Feedback is jsut the obvious. Coin badges are the main hold up. Even more then blacksmiths or residues 0.o
On starting day i gathered a full MH of coins, 15 mag residences of coins, 11 regular residences of coins, neighborlyed helped all the fs and every single neighbor... i got maybe 2 coin badges that day.

The total for a 3-3-3 path run is 361 coin badges. If your fs has a full 25 members.. and all active.. and all participating... thats about 15 coin badges per person. That would work out to roughly every single player (of the 25) needing 2-3 badges a day.
So theoretically, a perfectly filled and active fs's could have a chance at achieving that normally. But we all know the vast majority of fs's arnt a full 25 active members. Which realistically means that the only way to get those coin badges needed is by using coin instants. (And note: we havnt even mentioned fs's that like to do the pit.)
Prizes has always been a factor that many ppl complained about in Fa's. An expiring building or two, some instants, and an artifact or two, is generally the reward pattern. But now it would take more instants to get there then we would get as a reward. That would make the prize pool seem even worse.

Im one of the unicorns that likes the idea behind the FA's. But this adjustment seems wrong. Its not an evening out or reballancing.. its just a slap in the face and a kick in the coffers. Its not adding anything to the FA. Only taking away from it.


Buddy Fan Club member
just for an opposing view. my fellowship is not competitive in the FA.
There's lots of FS's that aren't competitive in the FA. It's really doubtful the company sees a revenue stream from those FS's during FA's. Since the goal (for any company) is revenue, I'd guess they're trying to move in a direction that increases revenue. I'll be surprised if this snafu moves them towards that goal*.

*unless this is a strategic 'snafu' designed to make us accept a reduced version of an increase in requirements for certain badges. After all, if they 'fix' the coin sack requirements, it's likely they won't hear a peep about the bracelets...