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Fellowship Adventure


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-- Kobiashi Maru senario detected -- :eek:

Since we cannot chg the code like Kirk did.....
Time to find the (coughs) legal workaround....

Yay, possible workaround found.... ;)
If we had the foreknowledge that coins would've been this stupendously stupid, a high-effort solution would've been possible if started prior to FA:

1. Start a new city.
2. If using new tech tree, discard city and return to step 1. Else, continue.
3. Find a fellowship that's willing to loan out hundreds of thousands of goods.
4. Scout as necessary to grow neighborhood as fast as possible.
5. Quest abuse your way through chapter 1 and to chapter 2 main hall tech, buying remaining KP with some of those goods.
5.5. Fully upgrade that Main Hall no matter what it takes.
6. Find someone in that fellowship to help you sit there forever, playing the game as though you have no life.
7. Infinitely cycle the quest that demands that you gain 200 T2 boosted goods and place 3 trade offers. Make circular trades with your no-life partner as though you were a particularly quick zombie.
8. Optional: Do all the steps it takes to become a lich, and get your trading partner to do the same. Pesky mortal limitations such as sleep, hunger, and restroom breaks becomes a thing of the past, despite some MMO gamers out there attempting otherwise. Please, do not be like those mortals. Almost all of them died, and death is bad. Embrace undeath today. Find a reputable Lichification Clinic and discuss your options and see if becoming top-tier undead is right for you.

An income of 30k per minute is possible. Even quicker if you and your undead pal are on the ball. Let's assume you're average and you get it once a minute. That means you'll be earning a fraction more than 9 coin sacks per hour. Do this however long it takes. If done as an 8-hour-a-day "job", you could clear all the coin parts in all waypoints by yourself in 3 or 4 days.


Alternatively, if you happen to have a chapter 2 player, feel very lucky and tell them that this event's their lucky day. They and their city are this event's MVP and if they can hack it 'till they whack it, it's a super way to get super sacks.


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@Zoof seems a little too troublesome. sarcasm aside. Find buildings that provide coins or using buildings that provide coin instants. maybe spam residences instead of workshops and factories. Things to think about...

edit: doubtful the spamming of residences could work. a low level player won't be able to spam enough and a high level player won't get enough yield from a level 3 or 4 residence
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@Zoof seems a little too troublesome. sarcasm aside. Find buildings that provide coins or using buildings that provide coin instants. maybe spam residences instead of workshops and factories. Things to think about...
Yeah, but I think you're seriously overestimating what a residence can do with regards to taxes. Let's get back to the chapter 2 city example above and take that to an extreme. Using your suggestion of "spam residences", here's what happened:


From passive collection alone, that's 3.436 sacks a day on a city like that. I'm not even sure if we're getting any culture bonuses here.

Using the cycling trick, I could beat that sort of production from a day's worth of residences in less than 30 minutes.

Does it get any better? Not sure. Definitely not by the couple of orders of magnitude shown here.

EDIT: If I cut out two of those residences and plopped in a lv 30 Golden Abyss (which is sort of possible if enough lead time was given to get runes and gain the KP to swap out to dodge any anti-push measures), it'd be able to push out 5 coin badges a day if you didn't sleep longer than 2 hours and 59 minutes at a time. Which is much better than the residences, but that's per day.


Earning almost twice in an hour via high effort cycling over that which a lv 30 GA can push in a day... well. Yeah.
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If you are going to make a badge considerably harder, you should at least reduce the number required in some of the waypoints. Last time, we figured that one 15% coin rain would produce a badge. Now, it takes 50%! Not cool. Especially when the coins spots were the ones we could count on for late or straggling participants.
I think a lot of fellowships are stuck on gold. It was like a brick wall for us. Too excessive.


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At the current numbers, it's not even worth doing neighborly visits for me. I can visit all my neighbors and still be short of 1 coin. Why bother with the carpal tunnel.
I did kinda say (earlier on) that the proposal is high effort. tbh, I'd rather visit my neighbors instead of quest cycling if there were endless neighbors to pester.

The part you replied to, however, was to demonstrate how terribad the efficiency is in residences. 30 minutes of inching my way closer to carpal tunnel is probably preferable to me when I can spread it out and adjust it to fit on-demand. I respect your desire to stay away from it, though. There have been days in which it just wasn't worth it to me to touch a mouse.


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Perhaps in the clumsy release of this new bag of coin badge, they were planning on how to make players use more residences and perhaps a new thing to spend your excess gold is part of this. Again it was a clumsy release but not worth worrying about for me.

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
They have succeeded in making the coin rain as desirable a prize as evolving artifacts!! If that was the purpose, then they have more then completed their goal. Well done INNO!! :rolleyes:

For this FA some will have enough coin rains to make do, but what happens next FA when everyone has exhausted all their coin rains? I think there will be less FS's willing to play the FA or at least a lot of debate as to whether or not it is worth the effort again. This is sad because we just got players wanting to play the FA again.
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Oh Wise One
I cannot understand why when they have already admitted it was an error to implement the new amounts at this time, that they just wouldn't send out a bunch of free coin rains to everyone to fix the problem for this FA and let us at least believe for a minute that they care about their customers and the retention of players in this game. Easy fix to help Fellowships at least be able to get enough coin badges to complete the FA seeing it was their fault in the first place. But of course that would be to easy.
Remember, devs don't work on weekends..


Active Member
All I can offer is to suggest you give feedback thru a ticket.
As it turns out, someone on the German server mentioned Saturday that the coin level was a test build that got pushed as if it were a workable version, and Inno decided not to fix it while the FA was live.
Shall I still submit a ticket, to let devs know (further) what a gamestopper this has been for our medium small FS?


I don't understand this at all. The prizes haven't changed, they've just require much more effort...
So how can u say that the opposite of what you'd hoped for is a "welcome change"?
Apologies, it would appear you've misunderstood me. I will try to be more verbose in the future. I was just trying to say that it would be nice to see more surprises from Inno. Properly implemented surprises would be preferable.

Perhaps I'm being a bit naive here but I haven't been playing very long so I'll give Inno the benefit of the doubt. It has been mentioned in a few places that this change was not meant to go live but is integrated into future changes. The reasons for not fixing it are questionable but understandable. My industry experience would unfortunately lead me to the same conclusion. Implementing a fix for a 5 day event that has already gone live is an extremely touchy situation. Add to this that a lot of feedback regarding past fellowship adventures has been less than positive. I'm not surprised that Inno decided to deal with the fallout rather than try to fix it.

I will make the best out of a bad situation by burning through a few coin rains so that my fellow fw members receive the rewards. I look forward to Inno's future changes and am curious what they might be to cause such a drastic change.

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Dear @InnoGames , who we are not actually allowed to contact (sorry Helya if this tags you instead),

Please work on your communication standards with your Elvenar community of players.

I have been playing this game for 7 years now. I’ve been a (mostly) loyal player, through all of the ups and downs.

I love Elvenar and will continue to play as long as the game is sustainable and enjoyable to my standards.

With the current Fellowship Adventures, things are not sustainable or enjoyable.

Whether or not an Adventure should be “easy” for all is not the issue. Obviously, it should be a challenge.

The issue is that these new requirements are a game stopper for smaller, “casual fellowships”.

The fellowships with members who play when they feel like it, who aren’t committed to weekly events like the tourney and Spire (but still dawdle with them each week anyway).

Those who are still here, every day, enjoying their towns and committed to their fellowships and the time and money they’ve put in to their towns, who get all excited to work together in the Adventures…to then get blocked by something like coin badges is disheartening and mean.

This is one example of I’m sure many different scenarios. It’s all in the above posts by many other players, should you actually take the time to read any of it.

People should not have to go through all of their coin instants to accomplish coin badges. That’s not sustainable. There’s no way paying diamonds for those badges is sustainable or affordable either. Nor should we be expected to place ‘this or that’ building in our towns to gain more coins. It’s different in the case of tier 1 goods buildings and level 1 workshops. Those are tiny and easy to put and take down.

Without an announcement or any clear communication, we are all left to wonder what the future holds in the Adventures and game itself. The upcoming event after this F/A is also very disheartening, but I digress.

As a company, there should be the same message being sent to all servers and forums, immediately after issues like this one with the coin badges, etc. have happened.
Take a look at each Elvenar Forum. Answers vary and the volunteer staff are not being treated very well. This is also cruel and I hate when I see it happening in this game. It is not fair to your volunteer support staff to cover up for you and take the heat for something that has gone wrong… when they don’t even have any clear answers to give, across each forum.
(Added to that, it's much more important to send communications more often in-game where everyone can read them, but I digress again. lol)

Your staff deserves better. They do a lot for your company, as volunteers, and already get treated pretty poorly by the players… and they’re doing it all for free. Please treat them better and don’t let them take the blame when things like this happen.

This is unfair to the players and your employees. Please take some time in the future to send us a message when something like this happens. Don’t ignore us. We are your customers who are loyal and yes, take this game pretty seriously, even if it is ‘just a game’. We give you our time and money and deal with the frustrations as they happen. You need to give us more respect.


Me and everyone else who is affected


Not loving the change to the sack of coins badge. Actually, that's not strong enough. I hate the change. In my low level city, I collected from all buildings and gave help to all discovered neighbors and FS members. That netted me 1 badge and maybe 10% of the next one. I don't have a lot of instants built up because I am always in need of gold while I'm growing my city. I also don't usually have the kind of time needed to sit and click through 18 pages of neighbors giving help. It's summer right now, so I have some free time, but once school starts, that changes. Inno does realize that its players have real lives they have to live, right?

I have 1 city that is currently in chapter 15. The only reason this FS made it past the 78 sacks required on the green path is that me and one other player had many coin instants saved up and were able to get us past that point. The most irritating part was having to waste so much gold in order to make room in the MH to keep using those coin instants. When I start upgrading buildings, I'm probably going to keep running short.

Choosing a different path doesn't help. 1 FS I'm in always chooses orange, but at level 3 the Ghost requirement is insanely high and we get stuck there waiting for the next tournament to start before we can get past that. That path also has the highest coin requirement for level 3. Blue doesn't require as many coins but the blacksmiths are out of sight. That's why we have mostly stuck to doing green in the FS I lead. It was doable before, but this new change to the coins may change that. We were able to use instants to get through this time, but what about next time? Unless there are enough events before the next FA to build up another stock of coin instants, we will eventually run out.

Sorry for the rant. I'm not feeling the love at the moment. I love this game and have been playing for a while now. When they made it possible to collect multiple badges we were thrilled. No more wasted resources not getting counted towards badges. But some of the requirement changes have got me feeling like not bothering anymore. The rewards just aren't spectacular enough to deal with this FA aggravation that Inno seems to feel the need to make worse at every opportunity.