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Fellowship Adventures 2022

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Platinum Leaf -FB

Fellowship Adventures starts Thursday July 21st!
Read all about it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...ErnM_WkY82nce0Ypj12Amd3VaT53mFz_pQtneNRZBd-XE
This file can be opened on any computer without a special program, and you are welcome to share it with friends.
Note that the Live version is not always identical to this one which we recorded in game-play in Beta server.
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I accidentally collected 42 CC's last week - 21 druid staves down the drain. I need to hide my MA the next time I rearrange my city.
I feel for ya. I had two cities where I accidentally clicked my MA while I was in a rush clicking through stuff and thought I had the way free-and-clear to pan across my city looking for the taxes and goods.

The bigness of the Magic Academy is like a neutron star to the moth that is your mouse cursor. Bright and greatly resists attempts to get the hell away from it.


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Does anyone know which is the easiest path this time? I thought it was Yellow, but things change around here...
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