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Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

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Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Wasn't someone asking for a chapter breakdown on Coin and Bracelets? I have the latest Bracelet numbers, originally from the Beta Forum iirc
1 78
2 260
3 890
4 2800
5 4600
6 6500
7 9400
8 11600
9 15500
10 20000
11 22000
12 27000
13 35000
14 37000
15 44000
16 52000
17 61000
18 76000
Edited to include chapter 18, thanks for the update.
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I don't know about browser; but the mobile app has an announcement in the little icon that looks like a bugle. That announcement occurred on Tuesday morning early.

Lady Chessa

New Member
I need clarification on strategy for the current FA. Does a fellowship get higher rank by completing more waypoints before claiming the flags or are those extra completed waypoints dumped after the final flag is collected? The way I read the directions, you choose a path, complete it and the only the waypoints that are on that path as you go and then pull the flag when you get there. Someone in my fellowship had everyone do all the other waypoints after we completed the path, before they would pull our first flag. Wouldn't those extra waypoints be wasted when the flag is pulled? I thought the extra waypoints only count after all three chests are collected and the pit opens. Please clarify?


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@Lady Chessa
The FS is awarded the points for each waypoint upon completion. Once the flag is taken for a stage, you cannot return to that stage and finish any incomplete waypoints; any badges that were in an unfinished waypoint are just lost. When going for finishing rank, it's important to get as many points as possible off each map before closing it out and moving to the next one. That usually means doing all the waypoints on all three maps*. There are 25,800 points available for all the waypoints on all three stages. The pits will run continuously until the end, or until the FS runs out of a badge there is no time left to make.
*There are strategies that involve determining the point value of the badges in the pit windows vs specific waypoints (for this FA structure, that's mostly in Stage 3). If the waypoint requires a significant number of a long term badge, the FS may skip that waypoint, opting to use those badges in the pits instead.
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