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Events Fellowship Adventures


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Here, you will find all the information about Fellowship Adventures in one place.

First off, the wiki has an introduction to the basics. This file is very comprehensive and includes descriptions of badges. However, at this time, please be aware that the badge list and rewards list are out of date.

Version G

Please refer to the list of badges needed, for a good view of what will be required.

I have created a guide for new players and included a list of badges and path summaries in the Fellowship Adventure Guide.

The current maps, with badges, will be posted as it becomes available.

A map was created and shared on the Beta Forum here.
iDavis has included FA information on his website here.
Many fellowships create a Spreadsheet that use a variety of badge tracker strategies. There is a good one here. This has now been updated to version G. Please make a copy for your own use. You may then go to Share, General Access (change to Anyone with a link), then over to Viewer, change to Editor. Good luck
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Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
This is intended to be a definitive guide to the Fellowship Adventures.

The Fellowship Adventures are a multi player event that occur periodically in the Elvenar calendar cycle. It is played, in our cities, and with our fellowships. In each city, there is an event interface, to the right of the avatar on browser format, and beyond the Fellowship shield in mobile platform. Once the event window is accessed, each player lands on a map. Each map begins at the bottom, and each fellowship must work its way upwards, towards a flag at the top. There is a starting point, and then 3 paths. Each path will have 8 waypoints. Each waypoint requires a preset amount of 3 types of badges. Badges are made in our cities, by performing typical game activities, but each one has specific guidelines. These may vary from one Adventure to the next, sometimes by a little and sometimes by a lot. There are 3 maps in total, followed by a whirlpool, called the Pit.

To participate in the Adventure, a player must be in a fellowship prior to the start of the Adventure, and ought to remain in that fellowship for the duration. In order for a player to gain a reward for the map, they must have placed a badge somewhere on the map, and the flag for the map must be claimed. This is true for each map in the Adventure. In order for a player to receive final rewards, they must have placed a badge on any map, and must still be in the Fellowship when the awards are handed out by the system, after the end of the event. Flags can only pulled by a member of the fellowship who has been promoted, to Ambassador, Mage, or the Archmage. If by some chance there are no active members who have been promoted in your fellowship, the best strategy is to contact Support for assistance.

This event is played not just in an individual player's city, but also with their fellowship. It is a group activity. No one person has to make all the badges in their own city, but rather the group as a whole does make badges, and works out the best strategy overall, to finish at least one path on all three maps (if possible) in order to gain the rewards each one offers. It is possible to finish the map with about 8 active players (whether one path is filled, or more is accomplished), as the Adventure is designed to be accessible even to small fellowships. Larger groups may wish to do more work. Strategies and approaches, goals even, will vary depending on the size of the group, the resources each city can bring to the group activity, and the will of the players in it. That said, flags should only pulled, when all of the active members of a fellowship have placed a badge (and a reasonable effort has been made to reach those who are absent), and the group has agreed to move on to the next stage. Remember that is not possible to go back to a closed map, and badges can always be made in the interim while waiting on other members.

Tips on some general strategy
The Fellowship Adventure is a six-and-a-half-day event and can be very intense. Some important points to remember:
Map 1 is easy to fill. Please remember to check that all of your active fellows have donated a badge before completing the map.
Map 2 is a bit more challenging, but the rewards are better. Again, try to leave room for others.
Map 3 is a lot more challenging; the rewards are a bit better than map 2. Small fellowships may have to work together carefully, to plan a good path and make sure to finish one path.
Some badges are challenging to make, or are more 'scarce' than others. This is an area that may change a bit from one Adventure to the next, or it may change a lot, when the waypoints are redrawn. We have seen seven different types of Adventures since they first appeared in the summer of 2017. Typically, scarce badges are Farmers, Blacksmiths, Necklaces, Statues, Arcane Residues, and Coin badges.

Why participate? Well, generally, the rewards for maps 2 and 3, are Artifacts from a previous event, or a juicy Tome with a choice of buildings from a set. (HINT) It is a good idea to poll the fellowship and discover who needs these rewards, and to enquire about members who wish to opt out of rewards, or are unavailable at times during the event.

At the end of the Fellowship Adventure, rewards based on the total fellowship score, are as follows:
Pending Live version release:
Rank 1-5
Rank 6-20
Rank 21-50
Rank 51-100
It is up to each fellowship and its members to determine the outcome.

Trouble spots
One more point, which is much debated, in various forms, in fellowships, on social media, here in the Forum, or wherever Elvenar players may gather. Players can and will place a badge, in what appears to be a random location (by the fellowship's planners). Folks, when this occurs, PLEASE, be kind to one another. Accidents happen, just for starters. The person may be worried about placing a badge at all, but they see an open spot and grab it. They may not understand, or care, about the strategy. The other thing that can happen is that someone will pull the flag prematurely.
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Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Badge Descriptions

Current Badges in drop-down order (Jan 2023)

Dwarven Brewery 25 x workshops, Beverages (2 to 5 min production)
Carpenters Guild 10 x workshops, Advanced Tools (3-hour production)
Farmers Delight 10 x workshops, Baskets of Groceries (9-hour production)
Blacksmith Guild 5 x workshops, Toolboxes (24-hour production)
Golden Bracelet An amount of regular goods made in any tier 1 factory (Chapter dependent)
Diamond Necklace 4 x 24-hour productions in a tier 1 factory (levels 1 to 23)
Elegant Statue 2 x 48-hour productions in a tier 1 factory (levels 1 to 23)
Witch Hat Collect Any two spells of Power of Provision, Ensorcelled Endowment, or Magical Manufacturing
Druid Staff Gain two Combine Catalysts Spells
Wonder Society Apply 20KPs to any Ancient Wonder (yours or another player's)
Elvarian Guard Train Troops (Amount is 4 x unit squad size)
Sack of Coins Collect an amount of Coins (Chapter dependent)
Arcane Residue Collect nine Vision Vapor
Elemental Marbles Collect eight relics
Enchanted Tiara Use 3 Enchantments (Power of Provision, Ensorcelled Endowment, or Magical Manufacturing)
Ghost in a Bottle Accomplish 4 Encounters in either Spire or Tournament


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Badge Summaries, version H of Fellowship Adventures

A new version of the Fellowship Adventure was Announced here. The Dwarven Brewery badge conditions were reduced from 50 productions to 25, and the overall Badge amounts needed were increased. The amounts needed for the Sack of Coins badge were reduced by 17%. The number of badges needed on the map also increased. Overall the badge count increased by over 400 more productions needed for the whole map. The waypoints were redrawn. Here are the badge summaries:

Badge types Map 1OrangeBlueGreenAll
Starting point 2 Wtiches Hat 2 Arcane Residue
Dwarven Brewery1061026
Carpenters Guild44412
Farmers Delight25411
Blacksmith Guild212620
Golden Bracelet34411
Diamond Necklace48618
Elegant Statue28414
Witch Hat56619*
Druid Staff49619
Wonder Society106824
Elvarian Guard124824
Sack of Coins1461030
Arcane Residue04612*
Elemental Marbles1161027
Enchanted Tiara62412
Ghost in a Bottle103619
Badge types Map 2OrangeBlueGreenAll
Starting point 2 Druid Staff 2 Sacks of Coin
Dwarven Brewery34173384
Carpenters Guild10131336
Farmers Delight8181440
Blacksmith Guild8402068
Golden Bracelet10131437
Diamond Necklace12262058
Elegant Statue5261445
Witch Hat16202056
Druid Staff14302369*
Wonder Society32182777
Elvarian Guard38172883
Sack of Coins462033101*
Arcane Residue24142058
Elemental Marbles37203087
Enchanted Tiara2271443
Ghost in a Bottle32102062
Badge types Map 3OrangeBlueGreenAll
Starting point 2 Carpenters 2 Golden Bracelet
Dwarven Brewery904590225
Carpenters Guild293636103*
Farmers Delight224836106
Blacksmith Guild2210854184
Golden Bracelet293636103*
Diamond Necklace327254158
Elegant Statue147236122
Witch Hat445454152
Druid Staff368262180
Wonder Society864872206
Elvarian Guard1044576225
Sack of Coins1225490266
Arcane Residue653654155
Elemental Marbles1005684240
Enchanted Tiara581836112
Ghost in a Bottle872854169
Badge typesMap 1Map 2Map 3All
Dwarven Brewery2684225335
Carpenters Guild1236103*151
Farmers Delight1140106157
Blacksmith Guild2068184272
Golden Bracelet1137103*151
Diamond Necklace1858158234
Elegant Statue1445122181
Witch Hat19*56152227
Druid Staff1969*180268
Wonder Society2477206307
Elvarian Guard2483225332
Sack of Coins30101*266397
Arcane Residue12*58155225
Elemental Marbles2787240354
Enchanted Tiara1243112167
Ghost in a Bottle1962169250
* starting points are added to the summaries but not each individual path


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Pit Cycles, version G

Still worth 50 points each

5 Farmers + 5 Brewers + 5 Druids
5 Ghosts + 5 Marbles + 5 Statues
5 Residues + 5 Carpenters + 5 Guards
5 Hats + 5 Necklaces
5 Bracelets + 5 Wonders + 5 Coins
5 Tiara + 5 Blacksmiths

Pit Cycles version H

Each point is worth 50 points

5 Farmer + 5 Guard + 5 Marbles
5 Ghost + 5 Blacksmith + 5 Residue
5 Bracelet + 5 Carpenter + 5 Brewery
5 Wonder Society + 5 Enchanted Tiara
5 Druid Staff + 5 Witch Hat + 5 Coins
5 Statue + 5 Necklace
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Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Map rewards

Map 1 reward, doesn't change much
Screenshot 2022-12-15 160937.jpg

1 AW Instant, 15 KPs 1 Carting Library 10 x 10 minute time instants


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
This next Adventure, should be version G. Here are the tables for the badges. Of particular note, Dwarven Brew badges require 25 beverages per badge. Please note, the starting points are included in each path, marked with a * but are only totaled once in the summary. New values are in bold face. For the final summary, I have left the old numbers in plain type.
Blacksmith badges numbers are down overall, but they increased for Orange path, decreased significantly for Blue path and decreased a small amount for Green path - on every map.

Badge typesOrangeBlueGreenAll
Map 1
Dwarven Brewery19*8*11*34
Carpenters Guild44412
Farmers Delight25411
Blacksmith Guild48618
Golden Bracelet34411
Diamond Necklace6*10*8*20
Elegant Statue28414
Witch Hat56617
Druid Staff39618
Wonder Society106824
Elvarian Guard124824
Sack of Coins146929
Arcane Residue84618
Elemental Marbles126826
Enchanted Tiara72413
Ghost in a Bottle103619

Badge TypesOrangeBlueGreenAll
Map 2
Dwarven Brewery561631103
Carpenters Guild14*15*15*40
Farmers Delight8161236
Blacksmith Guild17*32*24*69
Golden Bracelet12131237
Diamond Necklace13261857
Elegant Statue6261244
Witch Hat17181853
Druid Staff14282163
Wonder Society34172576
Elvarian Guard40152681
Sack of Coins48183197
Arcane Residue26121957
Elemental Marbles39202887
Enchanted Tiara2261240
Ghost in a Bottle3491962
Badge TypesOrangeBlueGreenAll
Map 3
Dwarven Brewery1524285279
Carpenters Guild30343498
Farmers Delight224634102
Blacksmith Guild407860178
Golden Bracelet32*36*36*100
Diamond Necklace346850152
Elegant Statue156834117
Witch Hat465151148
Druid Staff387758173
Wonder Society924568205
Elvarian Guard1084272222
Sack of Coins1305085265
Arcane Residue70*36*53*155
Elemental Marbles1065278236
Enchanted Tiara611634111
Ghost in a Bottle912651168
SummaryMap 1Map 2Map 3All
Dwarven Brewery34103279187/416
Carpenters Guild124098139/150
Farmers Delight1136102141/149
Blacksmith Guild1869178321/265
Golden Bracelet1137100137/148
Diamond Necklace2057152212/229
Elegant Statue1444117161/175
Witch Hat1753148205/218
Druid Staff1863173235/254
Wonder Society2476205278/305
Elvarian Guard2481222302/327
Sack of Coins2997265361/391
Arcane Residue1857155214/230
Elemental Marbles2687236320/349
Enchanted Tiara1340111154/164
Ghost in a Bottle1962168232/249
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Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
For a quick refresher, here is a table with the known values for Bracelets and Coins for version G

Golden BraceletsSacks of Coins
Chapter 1?Chapter 1
Chapter 2260Chapter 2112K
Chapter 3520Chapter 3231K
Chapter 41830Chapter 4441K
Chapter 54400Chapter 5812K
Chapter 66800Chapter 61176K
Chapter 79400Chapter 71736K
Chapter 813000Chapter 82436K
Chapter 918800Chapter 93234K
Chapter 1024000Chapter 104116K
Chapter 1130000Chapter 115180K
Chapter 1240000Chapter 126390K
Chapter 1349000Chapter 137749K
Chapter 1458000Chapter 149282K
Chapter 1567000Chapter 1510374K
Chapter 1672000Chapter 1611963K
Chapter 1777000Chapter 1713678K
Chapter 1887000Chapter 1816,282K
Chapter 19101000Chapter 1921392K
Chapter 20118000Chapter 2028077K


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Coin Badges Version H

**Coin Badges**
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 106K
Chapter 3 217K
Chapter 4 415K
Chapter 5 765K
Chapter 6 1108K
Chapter 7 1640K
Chapter 8 2300K
Chapter 9 3049K
Chapter 10 3880K
Chapter 11 4884K
Chapter 12 6019K
Chapter 13 7306K
Chapter 14 8751K
Chapter 15 9781K
Chapter 16 11279K
Chapter 17 12896K
Chapter 18 15351K
Chapter 19 20169K
Chapter 20 26472K