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Silk Road traders is currently taking applications for 20K+ score. We have 3 spots open currently so you can bring a friend if you like.

Send me a message in world if your interested. We are one of the top 15 fellowships.

Tell me what you are looking for in a fellowship and what your boost goods are.



I'm new at this. Since I'm ignorant, what is a boost good?


Oh Wise One
Each city has three goods (one of each tier) that they are more efficient at making than the others. You can find those in the tech tree as "production boost technology." If you look at your city on the map, and consider the six provinces around you with the one straight up from your city being number 1, then 1,3, and 5 are the ggods that your city is most efficient at producing, and you will eventually be able to earn a boost in those goods.

Once you have the technology active in the research tree, each relic of that type you gain counts toward increasing the efficiency of those manufactories. Eventually, you can produce as much as 7 times as much of those goods per square as you would of the non-boosted goods.


I thought the "time" locations were 12, 5, 7......

You can also click on your Main Hall and in the pop up window (I want to say the second tab) and/or while on the World Map simply look at the bottom rightmost Icon (looks like a round stone coin with an "!" on it - it tells you what your 3 Boosted goods are


*phew* You had me worried Ashrem, lols...I thought I'd been doing it all wrong (and worse, telling others all wrong).


There are many benefits of boosted goods.

Relying on your boosted will free up needed space.
Relying on your boosted goods will save on resources.
Growing your boosted allows you to trade both within and outside of a fellowship to attain non-boosted goods.

Non-boosted goods use higher amounts of resources and when you click on your Main Hall you will see what your boosted goods are and also what your boosted goods bonus is. Your non-boosted goods will not be affected by your bonus but your boosted goods will.

Increasing your Boosted Production Bonus is like upgrading your manufactory without spending resources or population. It is an instant boost.

Concentrate on upgrading your boosted goods first and then when you are at a comfortable level delete all your non-boosted factories.