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Fellowship Cross-Referrals


This idea has been floated around and I want to take a shot and see if it goes anywhere. The idea is to create a cross- referral system here in Arendyll. Member-Fellowships would share a little about themselves and get a brief idea of other fellowships now so that there is a network in place when faced with filling openings or having more candidates than can be accomodated.

At our fellowship we almost always wind up with a few names left over after the spot fills- and I do mean after accounting for the day-1 and done players. Some are newer but look solid, some a mid level players I wish I had the room for---and many wind up out of fellowship status for longer than necessary..
I always keep a few names of fellowships handy that are currently seeking and it has worked well enough in the past that I would like to see if a slightly more formalized approach would work.

Any fellowship wanting to partake would post here, whether currently seeking or not,to provide basic info about their fellowship and familiarize themselves with the others. When you do get an opening check back here to update. When two or more fellowships are looking at the same time-hopefully with slightly different needs, then member seeking becomes a collaborative effort and potentially better fit for all involved..
If the applicant is open to joining other fellowships and having their name shared here then you would offer them to the best fit or to the group if it's not an obvious choice.
At the least this will get a few more players in the door somewhere and more active players is a plus-
if you would like to partake in this experiment fill out a reply-(and please do offer ideas as what you see is what I got-flying by the seat of my pants)
in the title section: Fellowship name Seeking/Not Currently

Basic (quick glance) Info:
Contact Name:
# of openings to fill:
minimum score accepted or state none:
(if mandatory # of points per week add here)
expected activity level NH weekly:
Far Trade Y/N

Boost Ranks 1 to 5 scoring system. (we can simplify if needed)
1= they must have certain boost
2= preference for boost
4=prefer not,but open
5= cannot accommodate
(for boosts just what's necessary, for example:
marble, steel=2
we'll assume 3 for the rest)
Additional info: in just a few sentences or a brief paragraph add relevant info
Fellowship Rank, current average member score- what a good candidate is for you : score, activity,chat,high/lo volume trade-socializer-competetive etc...
give a sense of the personality and daily activity levels- what a member can expect in support/trade

Maz Mellor

Well-Known Member
This is a terrific idea, Varron, and should benefit all of us who participate. I'm happy to be the first (on behalf of my fellowship). Replies don't have titles, I don't think, so here goes (and subsequent posters are welcome to use my reply as a template):


Contact: Maz Mellor (Archmage)
Openings to Fill: several
Minimum Score: 1,000
Expected Points/Week: None (but greater than zero...)
Expected Weekly NH: 5+
Fair Trade: Y

Boost Ranks:
Steel = 2 (prefer)
Planks = 2
Silk = 2
Crystal = 4 (prefer not)
Marble = 5 (cannot accommodate)

Mystique is a lively fair-trade fellowship recently created by former members of Mystic Souls, after our archmage there became inactive. Our members range from new players (score ~1k) to quite advanced (score ~40k). We are looking to recruit daily players already producing at least second-tier goods. New members can expect regular NH visits, trades picked up swiftly, and game advice when/if they want it. As far as chat goes, both active and ever-so-occasional chatters will find themselves in good company. :D
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Maz Mellor

Well-Known Member
Also, a suggestion: it might be a good idea if anyone making a referral asks the player to mention their name if/when they apply to the recommended fellowship. That way we will know the system is working!