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fellowship is blank


Buddy Fan Club member
When I click on the icon for the fellowship of another player that is not in a fellowship I get a blank screen, For all others I see the fellowship information.
I am unable to invite a player to join at this time
This is happening on the PC version on multiple worlds since the last update this week
Game version:1.59.3
Game world: Arendyll, Elcysandir, Khelonaar
Browser + version: Chrome, Opera, Firefox
Flash Player version: __
Operating System: Win 10
Screen resolution: 1900x 1080
Account name: Ed1960
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 5/5
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No Sane Person

Same in Winyandor.

Chrome browser, version 68.0.3440.75
Flash version
Windows 10
Screen resolution 1920x1080



Buddy Fan Club member
Also to note on the mobile version after selecting a player from the map the icon for fellowship is Grey'ed out non functional if the member does not have an FS if they do it works as normal


I think if you click the person's name in the rankings list you can still invite them.