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Fellowship Perks

Lord of Waste

New Member
How do I get the perks to save my unused progress.....I have participated in torunament and spire events but nothing that wasnt used gets saved.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
1. Earn Fellowship XP
2. Use Fellowship XP to unlock Tourney Archive and Spire Archive perks
3. Complete tourney and Spire encounters. You can only bank the capacity of that level unlocked. For example, Level 1 Tourney archive only lets you bank 2500 tourney pts max. XP from fellowship and banked points distributed after tourney and Spire ends.
4. Mage or Archmage clicks green + button to spend any rollover points banked.

It looks like you are in a FS of one so you will have a very slow Step 1. You earn 10xp for neighborly help with your fellows and 20xp for a return neighborly help but you have 0 fellows to give neighborly help to. You also get 4K xp for unlocking tourney chest and 4K for Spire crystal. Those are harder to unlock with a party of one. You will also need much higher banking capacity to be able to open next chest or crystal as well.

The perks improve FS play but your fellowship is bare so it will be much harder to take advantage of FS perks without fellows. It will be impressive if you’ve managed to earn enough XP to unlock any perks already. The first perk costs 25k xp and goes up with each unlocked perk. Without neighborly help, you’d need to unlock 7 tourney chests/spire crystals on your own to get 25k xp.