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Fellowship Toggle for Trader on Mobile App


Well-Known Member
I would like to suggest changing the no fee toggle on the Mobile App trader to Fellowship Trades like the desktop version has. I play primarily on the desktop during the day but most evenings and weekends I use the mobile app. The current set up makes it extremely difficult to find and accept FS trades. I personally prioritize FS trades first when I go to the trader. The app version doesn't allow me to easily find members and I have to spend quite a bit of time scrolling through all of the trades just to see if anyone in my FS posted any when I use the app. One of the benefits of being in an FS is trading and mobile app users are missing out on this aspect due to how difficult it is to find your FS members in the trader.


Well-Known Member
Please, everyone, "Like" the above suggestion. Mods have said before that a post needs a certain number of "likes" to be considered.

The lack of a FS toggle for the trader on mobile makes me want to throw my phone, which is never advisable.