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Sir Bently

Sir Bently here
I am looking for a active fellowship that likes to chat and communicate and does a lot of trading and will absolutely help their
teammates. To me if you say that you're fellowship is active friendly and helpful then be that just don't say it do it ! I am active I play
everyday im helpful respectful and friendly I can get a long with anyone also im about to be in chapter 4 my boosted are Planks Silk and Gems
so if any of you Archmages needs a very active player then look no further thank you for your time and have a great day


Sir Bently, Please take a look at us, Starship Kalypso. We are part of the starfleet family of fellowships and we are supportive of each other’s cities as well as fellowship goals. We do 10 or more chests weekly in tourneys and have done some work in improving our weekly spire scores. We love to help newer cities grow and maximize their potential.
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New Member
Sir Bently,
Tpabird describes Starship Kalypso well, we are an active, friendly and encouraging group, and we are looking for a few players like you. You would be most welcome in our fellowship.
Targus (AM)