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Fighting all alone


New Member
Hi all,

I'm Kris, a.k.a. Ravenclaw Rattler, and I'm a fairly active player. I'm currently in a fellowship, but my problem is that most of the members don't participate in the tourneys or help my town. Is there any fellowship where I can carry my weight, but not the whole load?
I'm the Archmage for Trade Union. We currently only have 4 members, but are looking for players such as yourself. We are all on daily and consistently help each other and assist in trade deals. We all participate in tourneys and get excited for the new ones to start. We would love to have you give us a shot.


New Member
Hi there! We would love to have you as part of Excelsior Minor. We pulled 7 chest this week, 6 last week, and 7 the week before. Our stats show 5.5 average tourney chests, but we have recently added some new players that work the tourneys hard. We'd love to have another tourney player come join our team. Please check us out. We are working hard to get to that 10th chest each week. ;)