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Finding Players

  • Thread starter DeletedUser5251
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Not sure if this has been addressed before, but how do you find players you meet on the forum in their respective worlds? Is there some sort of link or search function I've been oblivious to?


There is no feature on the forums that tells you which world a player is on. Unless a player indicates in a thread or their signature, the only other way is for you to private message them here on the forums.

You can click on a players name, which brings up a small box. Click on the "start a conversation" link, this allows you to private message someone.

or ...

Hover over your name at the top right to open a pull down menu, click conversation, enter player's name, enter your message and then send it.


You mean I have to talk to people before I can stalk them? What kind of game is this?

Also, once you know the world how do you find them there. Is there a search function I'm not seeing?


In game, click on your ranking points (right beneath your avatar) type in the players name to find them. if your search query comes up empty, one of two possibilities for this:
The name was not typed in correctly
The player does not have a city in that world. If you have cities in other worlds, try again there.