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Hello First time to gaming and I really like Elvenar


Active Member
62 year old grandmother of three, work from home, and keep seeing the Elvenar ads. As a rule, I'm not big on gaming, but I'll have to say I've gotten hooked. I have three elven cities and one human city. Three of the fellowships I'm in are full of very helpful folks, and I've learned a lot from lurking on the forums and reading the Wiki. Read enough over the past week to completely revamp my cities to make them work better for me.


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I have a prenatal ward of baby cities near me. I keep telling them to not linger too long in an inactive fellowship. A red flag would be trades sitting for days. A lot of them are so hesitant to leave, but once they finally end up in an active fellowship, they describe it as a completely different game and so much more fun. Really glad you found good homes for your cities already! Welcome!


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[...] and keep seeing the Elvenar ads. As a rule, I'm not big on gaming, but I'll have to say I've gotten hooked.
I am typically resistant to advertising. Elvenar is a rare exception that I know I only got here because I kept seeing the ad on my Facebook newsfeed over and over and over. I've never gamed, in any type, but I was curious. Bored on vacation, I decided to check it out (city building without fear of being pillaged was very attractive). I only have one city (Winyandor) because I have long been obsessed and give it sooo much time and energy. If I had multiple cities, I truly would get nothing else done IRL, so kudos to those who are better at balance than I am. :cool: Welcome to Elvenar!


Welcome to the forum MagicPagan. I too found Elvenar through an ad on another game I was playing.
It has been worth it. It's a lot of fun & very addictive! Keep coming to the forum. I've learned tons and tons in the 2 years I've been playing.
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Welcome Magic pagan, I am older than you & have 3 cities, biggest in C world, then Beta & 1 in Winyandor, I am the Arch Mage in Winyandor, Natures Mtn we are looking for more members little cities or big. Have Fun playing, Best Wishes & Good Luck