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Fresh Air with Coffee (FAwC) has a vacancy

If you’re looking for an awesome fellowship why not check us out?

We are a group of funny, dedicated and caring individuals who enjoy having fun while working together as a team. We love the weekly tournaments and regularly achieve 13/14 chests. We are goal orientated but cooperative with each other rather than competitive. We have a Discord server where we share tips, news of upcoming events and chapters and our keen sense of the ridiculous. We would ideally like a player boosted in marble and/or silk but all boosts considered. New and seasoned players are all welcome. Feel free to check us out on elvenstats (elvenstats.com/fellowship/us2/26017) and message me or one of the mage team if you are interested


New Member
Hello! I'm looking for a Fellowship with members further along in the game then my current Fellowship (Dragon Lore). Dragon Lore is a good group of players but none are far along in the game to help me with sentient goods. I joined them about a year ago and saw right away that it was not the best fellowship for me. However, I felt I made a commitment so decided to stay for awhile and actively participate. I would like to be in a 10+ chest per week Fellowship. I play regularly but I'm not an intense player. I'm looking for a Fellowship with fun, support players. Please let me know if you still have an opening and if you might be interested in having me join. Thanks!
We still have one spot vacant. If you need a breath of fresh air and you like your coffee hot, please message me.
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Cloudys Forrest

New Member
Hello! I just started playing like to 2 months n I'm a super active player! I'm in a fellowship for now but looking to more active players. I have been getting 7 to 8 tent in tournaments so far n complete them all I get like 1800 to 2000 point or score not sure what to call it lol n I can get to the tier in spire n trying to get 2 3 tier but not quite there yet. Pls let me know if u still have a place n if I may join with my status. Thank you my city name in Cloudys Forrest!