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FriendlyFellows in Sinya Arda is looking for new members.


New Member
FriendlyFellows looking for new members that want to play, actively participate, and be supportive of other fellows.

We currently have 14 active member playing. We are now consistently getting 7 chests per tournament and are climbing higher in each spire. Last fellowship adventure we almost completed all three paths, unfortunately we chose to do green all the way and it was just a little much for us. We really would love to add a few new members that really want to play. We have an active group chat. if you are considering joining a fellowship please consider the FriendlyFellows.

if you have a small fellowship that would like to merge and join forces, I’m the AM and would be willing to discuss the option. If you are unhappy with the inactivity in your current fellowship, here is your opportunity to jump ship and join an active fellowship. And bring your other active fellowship friends along for the ride.
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Hi there,
Would you be interested in a merger?
My name is Sarafyne, FS is community of the Ring, we've removed several players who retired from the game, rather than trying to fill all the spots, we could take you in. We're experienced players and always finish the Adventure.
Please message me in game if you're interested

Lady Dastardly

Well-Known Member
@Sarafyne, the post you are replying to is from 2021, and FriendlyFellows is now a full, and very active, FS. If you are looking for new members, or a merger, might I recommend you make your own new post, laying out what you are looking for. Best of luck!