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Friends of Elvenar is recruiting


New Member
We are looking for new or experienced players! If you are boosted in planks, marble, scrolls, silk, or dust please apply.
**Must produce boosted goods only, play in Tournaments, FS Adventures, and Spire (if Chapter 3)**


Well-Known Member
What world are you in?
It's posted in Sinya Arda. If you look above the thread, there's a bar with the same background color as the posts. It shows
Each of those is a link. The third link is the name of the server/world in which @MistTree471 plays.

Another way to check, if you're not sure, or if you can't find them on your world, is to look at ElvenStats. MistTree471's page is here. Her FS, Friends of Elvenar, has a page here. Of course, ElvenStats will only have data once you've reached a certain score or your information has been ported in because you joined an FS and they updated their page. :)


New Member
Friends of Elvenar is prepping for the upcoming FA and looking for 5 new members. We get the 6th chest each week in Tournaments, Bronze Trophy in Spire, and completed at least one path in each lvl of the last FA. Come join us if you are on Sinya Arda!