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FS going for 10th chest, what tour is best to try?(and other advice plz)


Oh Wise One
Different people and races have different experiences with combat in tournaments, for catering it just comes down to hoarding the right goods.

Something our fellowship is trying is to rotate the focus week every 4 weeks thus ensuring that every person gets a turn at their boost week and some good recovery time to prepare for the next big push. We chose a starting week which would have the biggest benefit to boosting goods, particularly tier 1 goods.

Another good tip is that trading generously to smaller players so they can negotiate can be more effective. I found I was needing 10-12K of 1 type of good per encounter for more distant provinces while that would let a smaller player do an entire province or more. Small players need a good stash of supplies or PoP spells if you do this as catering can be heavy on supplies for them depending on their chapter.