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Functional Chapter 1 City With 7 Expansions


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I started a city on Beta to experiment with the new event. As people may have noticed, I'm a little obsessive about trying to get as much function as possible in a small space. I decided for my Beta city to try to incorporate all the basic functions of a city: goods, trade, military, and magic, as well as coins and supply production, into the six plots plus one expansion (I cannot imagine it being possible to get all of that into just 6, but I'd love to see someone try!)

Anyway, this is my effort. It would have been a little easier with a planks boost, I think. Not sure if it would be possible with a steel boost.



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Hmmm ... do armories need a road? They don't produce anything (at least not until the orcs chapter). That way I wouldn't lose out on the coins from the residence.

Edit: Alas, I just confirmed experimentally that armories do indeed need a road, at least for the purpose of training increases.

Here's a rearranged city that actually sorts things more nicely into functional zones for easier collection. (The residence in the corner is not in the right zone, but it will not produce coins anyway.)

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I think I like this one better. Gives up the armory but adds another workshop and another marble factory. People who wanted more military could switch an armory for one of the workshops. (Or you could build one of the workshops to level 3 and knock it down, build an armory, set overnight troop productions, knock it down, and rebuild the workshop, but even I'm not that obsessive about efficiency.)