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LilWolf De Lioncourt

Well-Known Member
I've been playing Diablo since 1998... now it's Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls:D:cool: I also play a Farm game on Farmerama. been playing that one for almost the same since 1998. It's a lot of fun taking care of all my animals and crops. I love match 3 games and hidden object games too. I used to play FOE but lost interest in it cuz it took Forever just to get my buildings built in my city. I even played "DragonsofAtlantis" Loved that game but then they changed servers and couldn't play it anymore which was so disappointing when I spent a lot of money playing it:mad: My Favorite is I have to say "Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls" and also this game:)
I play mahjong ( computer, solitaire), Klondike, backgammon, cranium, artifex mundi adventure games, hidden object games... Probably there are more!


Well-Known Member
I used to love playing Age of Empires, which has a city-building element, though also a conquest element. I hear there is a new one coming out, and I hope I can spare the time to try it out!