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I was supposed to go on a date yesterday(friday), but at 3 pm she wrote me that she was stuck in a meeting and that she didnt know when it would end, ending with a "sorry".
I thought it would just mean going out later in the day, but apparantly it meant to cancel. then i proposed sunday as a first date option. and she simply wrote "im looking forward to it" and now despite me writing her, i havent heard anything.. My local time here is 7:32 pm so sunday is fast approaching.
Soo the big question, am i beeing ghosted?:eek:

PS. feel free to share unrelated anecdotes of failed lovelives!


Well-Known Member
Normally people indicate what time of day is convenient for them to meet. "I'm looking forward to it" is an open end statement without any further information of the time of day they are able to meet you.
She'll contact you to let you know the best time and day for a meeting if she is really interested in meeting you! If not, it's her way of ,indirectly, letting you know that she's changed her mind.
Best of luck.


Oh Wise One
What @Raccon said. I find the whole dating scene these days to be an exercise in rudeness, but that's my own opinion. I hate she/they created doubt in you.


Chef - loquacious one
Even if she lets you know, be prepared for her to cancel at the last moment. It appears to me she's just too involved in other things to know exactly when she will be free. Sadly, a lot of "up an comers" put their love lives into slot number 2, 3, or at the bottom of the list, in importance. You'd think finding that special someone with whom you would want to spend the rest of you life with, have children with,and all that, would be a bit more important than moving yet another peg up in the workforce pecking order. I got lucky in that I found my wife directly ...yep, actually laid my eyes on her before I spoke to her via text, email, or on line dating app.

Here's the advice I have given to most young people who have asked (and you'd be surprised how many have, over my life time, asked!). You want to find someone special? Forget looking and find, instead, that thing, cause, interest, in you life you love. It doesn't matter if it's sports, finance, dancing, crafts, cooking, or American Pigeon Racing, do it with all your might because you LOVE doing it, and as you do, one day you'll look up and see, working at it just as hard as you, is somebody with whom you can spend your life with.

The trick is to realize that there is no "appropriate" time to "settle down" and the social expectations of doing so are just social expectations. Ignore your mother if she hints or even pushes. Get involved in what you love and love will come.