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Good morning game designers, this post falls under rated M in gamespeak please.


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As stuck inside game person through my long life, the instantaneous hook in fantasy arts seem to remind this is living hell, what can be done? I notice elvenar makes the coming times apparent with emphasis on Paladin coaching everything and rewarding Priest for even one nice gesture. The adventure is like, this is interesting and I like hanging out about some orders but I have a huge side interest in my absolute need to get my side battle riled up with any and all undead and demons, including the take it easy on one that makes it up here from the theoretical fall, much much deeper than caves with miles to put on and such. The one cosmically taboo fall into volcano, including the woaps nice guy on into, gets a lot of holes on earth that are going to have how long the scream ride is when the charred sink, becomes a rain like fall to some sort of theoretical core on time with the sun of the fire. The basic musings on the outer planes chart and falls and fire make inside about tolerable. How to tell stories on this one with the nerve of no, this game is living hell, have fun and choose dice or tell me about it in third party responsibility, in I guess, Californian level of gaming if you will like the expression. My nightmare time I found it in this game, with the sun and the earth are in dice at each other over the incident of the thing in there. They decide how the long mistake is going to take before the showpiece revisions in creationism. So at some very long fall, a pile of survive is there and things fusing about like an animal or the one dare a true skeleton into. Suddenly, the hope seems too pathetic and a reality pocket happens, demonstrated with precision in the film Langoliers, still worth a nine dollar ticket apart to this day, independent from youtube file increases to catch up some junk for someone with wonder. Around are some floating eyes, beasts with cumbersome cannon attachments remembering buttons, and gargantuan brain halves with arachnid control if I dare the 1995 release of Doom in gaming milestones. A true obvious of heroic demonologist and necromancer pull off going in there and shake on the not going back thing, for the true dis the fall. They pull off big pouch stocked, and a corner crevice of mine otherwise poignant flip offs of bosses, and nope that's the way from the others. They chuck this with a fast pentagram melt etch behind them. If a smile time happens, trace actual ultimate star symbols in air. Blankets to chuck on levitating eye is a promise in telepathy with coverage weave. And true great drink of water is no problem once we dianetics it in, and yawn the land map to scale and dianetics it in for a way long field, without a dragon actual food fight of the monsters in firey impossible places. Forget the sun and earth, the galaxy better dianetics the cosmic land mass in or I'll hurry and tremble pet a beast fiber. We promise the jagged crevice kneel look out is ours here, and we don't laugh at dragon herds to be a okay unhurried cooked chef about. We have very poignant flip offs prepared for getting back into the fall some more, those take every cake in cosmic polarity about such a demon, a living hell, and priests daring harm magic with no heal and enjoying this more advanced time in the fantasy genre. Zombies won't be called their name unless it insists, they'll say it, chaos babies will be put on parchment cocoons until they dianetics it in. Please like my rather gamespeak of getting a darn event made and done in imagination games giving respect to more than ancient government somehow. Succubi are to be put on crystal ball of an alert harm priest from heaven. So that is how my pile of art in a nutshell is going with that dire feeling of how the humans went priestly and elves got the temples respected beyond, during the gamepiece titles in a way. I lost tabs on a post that went extensive to the point of not stepping on a writer's block toe, in an amazing way. So if any way holy goblet of verbatim in fantasy gif pieces is getting things on about that stuff in legends to live for, and the horn thing in humanoid. Best wishes in the new year on art design and the ultimate magical goal of stick around, as long as there is magic, in elvenar, in these amazing calculated city building experiences, in my long-term hobby. I guess in a way, I need the soundtrack hitting me right, with respect to everyone else on earth making the game to par for my log ins and type writer tremors I dig. Thanks, bye.
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Yet more evidence that Google Translate does not work. (Either that, or high school English is accomplishing a lot less than it used to.)

Fairy Dust

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We appreciate all ideas. This one in particular has been hard to understand, my apologies for that. A streamlined version would be welcomed, in the meantime this idea did not quite gain much traction, so we will archive it.