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Is there a way to display in the toolbar the total count of developed building goods (i.e., Marble = 5, Silk = 4, Planks = 3)?


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Is there a way to display in the toolbar the total count of developed building goods (i.e., Marble = 5, Silk = 4, Planks = 3)?
as in, how many factories you have for each?
not currently. i have presented a suggestion for mobile that was forwarded that would effectively show this info.


Not of which I know. However, this brings to mind two possible reasons you would need the assistance. The first is that you city layout is "organic" having just sort of grown as it did with things put where they fit as needed. The second is that it is possible your city also has different size goods buildings and since the size and shape often changes if they are scattered here and there (organic growth model), it might be simply hard to find them. Your cities reflect this model. Now for a couple solutions.

1) Import your city to elvenarchitect.com, pull up the report, and select the type of good under "production" A chart will pop up showing the number of each level of goods for that type. So if you choose marble you might see 3 lvl 1, 4 lvl 2 and 1 lvl 6. Total: 8 marble. This is the fastest solution but hardly easy as you have to import your city all the time.

2) A better and long lasting solution is to organize your city via planning mode. Organic model is what you have now and it tends to be harder to manage and often wastes a lot of space....usually 2-5 expansions worth.

In you case the recovered space was a total of...hold you breath here.....13.6 expansions.

5 expansions from consolidated space 1 from selling off your dwarf portal
7.6 from selling off unneeded buildings. This includes adding a few buildings so that, in the end, you end up with 5,341 pop and 19,000+ culture.

So here's the "mission" "should you decide to accept it"

(The plan reflects these the following changes)


1) Remove all non boosted manufacturing buildings
2) Arrange things as shown
3) Remove excess workshops (2 lvl 3)
4) Upgrade all residences to lvl17 and add and raise 4 new ones to lvl 17
5) Upgrade all workshops to lvl 12.
6) Raise all streets to Wooden Trails for a gain of 12,000+ culture
7)Remove all "culture only" buildings...about 58 of them

In the end you'll have an easier city to manage, produce more resources and have lot's and lot's of room for guest races.

Questions? Just ask.



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while there is no screen for this one option in game is if you have the production set to produce from all buildings at once. This works slightly differrent on mobile to browser but the concept is the same. Collect everything in your town and when you go to produce from everything, check the count of how many buildings the bulk production is using.

Note that WS will include all level workshops while other buildings are specific to building type and level. Elven architect would be the best option but for something in-game this is your next best choice.