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Grounds of the Orc Strategist, and military advice


I've been making it to the top of the spire every week for the last 6 months and hAve only won a magic workshop once. I believe it is only a 5% chance so I wouldn't get your hopes up.


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Topping the spire for almost a year and I only have 7, 7 across 3 cities.
2 magic workshops in 2 cities and my lucky city with 3!

I hate that frog! I usually have to throw diamonds at him to get a 4th guess. I like to imagine that I am bribing him with cayenne pepper which he is deathly allergic to and then ripping his spicy little legs off for dinner!

Mont Clair

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I had two phoenix artifacts show up in my MA today. Grabbed both. My lil fire bird is out of the egg and flappin' lol
Good for you! My RNG for the phoenix artifaxt is p bad, I hadn't seen it for months and it popped up today asking three blueprints and 10k fragments which ofc I do not have lol.. I truly hope it will come back to Spire rotation soon.


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I understand the OP is in ch 3. I don't think you are understanding my point. I am saying that until you get the Dwarven Bulwark AW built, Martial Monastery is more valuable than Needles is. If I was building a combat city from scratch I would concentrate on MM in the early phase of the game.
Both are really good, the additional damage on ranged units is very valuable as they are the best units n game and you always strike first. doing more damage makes you battles a lot easier.

I would not claim one is better over the other. also in chapter 3 there is no MM ;)
Magic Residence for the 1st floor boss. Magic Workshop from the 2nd floor boss. Genie from the 3rd floor boss. Plus the usual extra stuff.
No. Every week I scroll all the way up and click the last chest. It shows me 4 or 5 items with the % of chance each item is in there. I believe this week it's both a 10% chance for a Magical Residence and that Dwarven-something.


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To clarify, portal profits are special guest race producing items. which become viable from chapter 6 onward.
Since chapter 3,4 and 5 are basic chapters you get supply windfalls or coin rains instead of portal profits.

For the same reason traders station (a building you can win in the spire) gives also coin rains and supply windfalls instread of portal profits

Finally the genie also has variable rewards, it mostly gives mana and seeds, but because those are goods from chapter 9 and 11, seeds will be replaced by mana in chapter 9 and 10

Both mana and seeds are replaced by coi rains, supply windfalls and I think timeboosters in chapter 1-8

You see similar behavior in even buildings when you get them in a chapter where you can't use the final production yet, other placeholders will be introduced in lower chapters.


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You're too low a level to get Portal Profits so you get supply windfalls instead. sometimes coin rains in other chests.
Otherwise identical, and other than artifacts its the same every week.
They changed this at some point. When I started playing, I still won portal profits at chapter 3, 4, and 5 in the Spire. I actually did not mind, because this meant I already had a stockpile of them built up when I hit guest races.