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    Your Elvenar Team

"GuardianAngels" Recruiting


Currently Full but message Arch Mage if interested and we may have an opening for the right player.
This is an easy going fellowship. Our only rules are in regard to good morality. Our players make the team. The team makes the winners! In that regard, every player here is number 1! We play as we see fit to enjoy the game. This fellowship is a safe haven for players that just want to have fun without worrying about unfair demand and being ridiculed for playstyle.

We may recommend boosted goods only for efficiency but players here will not be booted for having non-boosted manufactories. Non Boosted fans always realize the error of their ways when they aren't producing enough to progress at a decent rate. ;) Boosted only players offer 4 to 1 deals to those who are boosted only. Non boosted players will not provide goods for the team(Because they just can't) and will not receive 4 to 1 deals. We let their lack of production efficiency frustrate themselves for their own good. ;) Need goods? Post your trades or ask for it in chat. We rock the trade shack!

Good morality includes helping hands to members that have helped you. All we ask, is that you return the favor. No free-loaders.

Show growth so we know you're still interested in playing. Lack of growth for two weeks tells us you're not coming back or you're no longer interested. At that point, I will message you and give you a week to reply. If no reply is received, you might be replaced...

Helpful tips and hints available daily and at specified request. Beginner training available upon request! We have very experienced and active players! Battle Master present daily for any and all questions regarding battle and tactics. We take care of our own and those around us. We inspire the best gaming experience for everyone we commune with.

New and experienced players welcome. :)

  • No Hate Speech
  • No offensive player names will be recruited
  • No vulgar or slanderous comments
  • No racial slurs
  • No political comments or conversations
  • No religious comments or conversations
All these rules apply to keep peace between different races, ethnical lifestyles, playstyles, political standings, and religious differences.

Happy Elvenaring! :D
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