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Win Diamonds Halflings Holiday Needed!

Discussion in 'Competitions' started by Ælfwine, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Ælfwine

    Community Manager
    Elvenar Team

    Apr 10, 2015
    Dear Humans and Elves,

    We would like to make our Holiday list current so we need to add one more to the list before our next guest race releases! This thread will be specifically for Halflings and the Holiday they will celebrate! If you are not familiar with them and would like more information on this race, you can visit our Wiki page about Halflings here .

    For this contest we would like to ask players to submit entries with the following information -

    • The Name of the Holiday you would like to see
    • The Date of the Holiday
    • What the Holiday celebrates (and please include any additional information such as traditions that go along with this)
    • When creating your entry, please keep in mind the other player created holiday dates of 'first day of Spring', April 8, May 31, June 21, July 31, Aug 15 and Dec 14 so we can try to avoid overlapping them if possible.
    • You can certainly look at the other races final voting to see all the other holiday finalists for inspiration!
    The contest rules are as follows -
    • Holiday Names and descriptions may not contain any inappropriate or copyright material. Any which do will be disqualified
    • The contest will go on for 10 days and officially end on Dec 13, 2017 at midnight EST.
    • The Moderator Staff will choose the top 5 Holidays based on Creativity
    • Top 5 names will be put on the forum for the community to vote on for an additional 5 days, beginning Dec 24.
    Prizes -
    • 1st place in the final voting will receive 750 diamonds
    • 2nd place in the final voting will receive 500 diamonds
    • 3rd place in the final voting will receive 250 diamonds
    • 4th and 5th places in the final voting will receive 100 diamonds each
    We look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with!!

    **Contests entries will be hidden from view, just submit them by 'posting reply' below!**
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017