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Halloween Reward Value - Chapter Completions (advancement)

Should the tech tree officially recognize/welcome player of into next Chapter/Advancement?

  • I think it's obvious and we don't need a tech tree to do that, the treasure chest should be enough.

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Hey, at what point do you consider yourself "officially into the new chapter?"

I just finished the last technology in Fairies and got the chest in the next chapter for orcs. I haven't collected or completed the last quest for Halloween because I wanted to collect it when I reached orcs and then complete the final quest. Believe me.. I put in so much time and effort to advance for a better reward.. and now it feels like i'm walked through the gate but there is no one to greet me. The value of the rewards haven't changed or been upgraded, as if I'm still in Fairies. I need help what what I need to do for the game to recognize that I hace advanced.

Imagine being an olypmian, you just won the gold.. everyone cheered, sang the national anthem and you head home. Your airplane pulled an taxi'd onto the runway.. you get off the plane and look around.. and.. you're like... where's the fanfare...where are the people.. what did I do wrong? Ya, that's kind'a what it feels like. So now.. i'm just wondering, what do I have to do for everyone to come out and for people to know I'm here? Do I need to go to the bathroom and use a urinal, do I need to take my phone off of Airplane mode? Do I need to walk outside and smoke a cigarette?

Please help me.. I would really be super bummed if it stays the same and doesn't advance into the new chapter values... I worked too hard and put in way too much effort for it to go to waste.. and I'm a regular player, among several others... I hope it's an easy answer..



Well-Known Member
I am not sure I understand your question.
You are not "officially" into the next chapter until you put the required KP into the advanced scouts and activate it. Just opening the chest does not count. I hope this answers your question, if that is what you were asking. :)


The quest reward stays the same as when you received it at whatever level you completed it. Because you don't build it until you advance to another level it will not increase the value of the reward to your new level. That's been explained in the Hallowe'en thread if you need to read it for yourself. Maybe just have that cigarette.


Wow, your saying that you never completed the quest. Once you get your advanced scouting tech researched and and funded, please come back in and let us know if this worked for you.