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Have All Cities Receive Special Gifts

Nonchalant Antipathy

Well-Known Member
Instead of only giving out a single gift for each account. The items granted are already time-sensitive, limited, and cannot be traded to other cities, hence there is no potential for abuse. I find the current practice ridiculously stingy, and while it doesn't affect me personally (I only have two cities and they are separate accounts), I am well aware of how difficult it is to maintain multiples cities, which I feel should be rewarded appropriately. Would also have the benefit of not wizzing players off if they log into a city that is not the preferred recipient first.

Nonchalant Antipathy

Well-Known Member
See what you've done Inno? I've had to agree with two consecutive posts by @Nonchalant Antipathy And I don't even play any of my accounts in more than one world, so it has no affect on me. I'm warning you, Armageddon can't be far off.
That is the sole explanation that makes any sense for both you agreeing with me on anything and my liking several of your posts in succession. THE END IS NIGH.

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
Yeah the end is near for sure!! lol. I totally agree, there really isn't any good reason not to give every city a holiday gift. Not sure why they only give them to one city on an account. It's not like you can buy it with diamonds if you don't get it. So they are not going to lose anything by doing it. But the end will probably come before they would actually do anything about it. As the CM on beta likes to say "This is not an idea that is in line with our current planning" :rolleyes:


I played a game called Dark Orbit for 7.5 yrs. Originally this game was owned by a German company which, about 2 yrs ago, sold it to a Chinese company.
Almost instantaneously, the "presents" were cut drastically. The new developers seemed to be going after "new blood" for customers by adding basically expensive BLING to the game. The new owners did not seem to care about the players that played for years. They were going after a younger player base that have no problem spending/wasting money to be # 1, ( look at me attitude )
In about a year, the number of past loyal players decreased by more than 50% and that 50% was replaced by week end wallet warriors.
In a nutshell, the demise of a good game started with the new owners being CHEAP. The "presents" were cut from each of our worlds receiving something free to just the first one we signed on to, just saying....


Well-Known Member
Or maybe just make sure to log in to your city that you want any potential holiday gift in.
While this seems easy, it is tricky for some of us. :cool:

While I am getting ready for work, I log in via my phone and provide visits. :elf::human: It is easy to do while I blow dry my hair or brush my teeth, and it ensures I do it at the same time every day. On mobile, when you open the app, it automatically logs in to whichever city you were in last. Then - BOOM- popup for that nice free gift, and I get a split second to wonder what city I even received it in while I close the dialogue box.

Since I usually don't care much about the free gifts, I don't lose sleep over it, but it does cause one of those little moments in life when something seems needlessly annoying. :rolleyes::rolleyes: