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have you ever had to put your pet down?*sighs*

LilWolf De Lioncourt

Well-Known Member
I was wondering if there were any here who have had to put their beloved pet to sleep?:( I've had a service cat for almost 12 years, and she saved my life one night and has gotten very sick to where she has gotten worse. So now this Thurs. I have to do what's best for my cat *trinket* and have our vet put her to sleep and say my last goodbyes to her:(*Crys* and it's killing me. I will be getting her ashes afterwards so I will have trinket with me. I'm not handling this very well at all and I've been a wreck emotionally. I have never had to do this before and I was just wondering if any have had to with any pets that you have had, how do you handle it? how long did it take before you got a new pet? I'm going to miss my service cat so much. Was wondering how those got thru their goodbye's to their pets. The Other night while I was Asleep my cat came to me and I heard her say.. "It's ok and it's ok to let me go" I woke up crying and right then I knew what I was doing was the right thing to do and she won't be suffering anymore, that gave me some peace. That gave me alittle smile. "LilWolf de Lioncourt"


Well-Known Member
Morn the loss of your cat. Nothing wrong with that. Cry, get angry. Say goodbye. You will look for her when you come home and it will hit you a moment later.

You will have a new pet when it finds you. You know very well you did not choose her. You were chosen.

Nonchalant Antipathy

Well-Known Member
I am so, so, so sorry that you will have to lose a member of your family, @LilWolf De Lioncourt, because that is what pets are, a part of your family. I have had to have two dogs put down, Foxy and Misaki, who were nineteen and eighteen years old, respectively, when they could no longer go on without suffering, and I was completely wrecked each time, bawling my eyes out for days, off and on, before and during their departure. Misaki's was particularly difficult, as he was so sick, seemingly overnight, and so trusting, that when the vet inserted the needle, he looked at it as though thinking, "This will make me feel better.", and I felt like I was going to lose it but I kept petting him calmly and telling him what a good boy he was. Mourn as hard and as long as you need to, and never feel shame for it. Cherish the fond memories you had together, even if it makes you cry. Perhaps it will take quite some time before you can reminisce without tears, perhaps you always will, but the pain will lessen. Some cannot bear to bring another pet into their home soon after the loss, but I was taught to immediately seek out a new furry friend at the shelter and take solace in giving them the best life, filled with affection and comfort, that you can provide. I don't see this as a replacement, but a step forward in the continuation of sharing the love and companionship you have to offer. Caring anew does not diminish former bonds, nor strip you of the good times you have had with your kitten, yet I understand if this is not an option.

Know that you are doing what is right, no matter how much it hurts and how difficult it is.


Well-Known Member
I'm so sorry @LilWolf De Lioncourt .Yes I've had to do this more than once. Cancer is a demon.
Let yourself cry and it's okay to miss your cat for as long as it takes. You'll know when it's time to let another into your life. Don't forget you still have a lot of love to share. I wish you didn't have to hurt and I could give you a hug.

LilWolf De Lioncourt

Well-Known Member
thank you everyone.... tomorrow(11/21/19) I will be taking trinket to the vet and I will be there when our vet puts her to sleep.:( Then she will go to a private cremation and on the 3rd of Dec. I will pick up her ashes and bring her home. I just know that tomorrow is going to be a very bad day for this wolf.:eek::( we really need a "Cry" Emoji on here.


New Member
I offer you a long distance hug. *big hug* I have had to do this over the years and it is really crushing. The only thing that immediately consoles you is that you are doing the right thing for your friend. You are not allowing them to suffer on and on. I go in with them, hold them, don't cry in front of them, tell them how good they are and how much I love them as they are getting the medication and easing on.

Of course you will miss your little friend, but you will have your memories and the knowledge that you did best for them.

LilWolf De Lioncourt

Well-Known Member

I took trinket in today and after our vet gave her a sedative to help her relax and then put a line in her leg I was able to hold trinket in my arms and just loved on her*crys* then stephanie*our vet* gave trinket her injections and off to sleep trinket was and in peace. I Held her for awhile and kissed her:( it was so heart breaking. I will get trinket's ashes back on the 3rd, and will have her home with me. THANK YOU all for the prayers and thoughts it has meant so much to me... I'm not dealing very well but I will get thru it..

Saphirra the magnificent

Well-Known Member
I am so srry for your loss my Wolfish friend. It is a hard thing, losing a pet. i have never had to put down a pet, just hear about it later, or had it die, and was told that it happened. they hold a place in my heart and mind, and those things last forever; and so do they. my mom put down one of our dogs herself, shot him with a shotgun. we weren't at home, but he had bad arthritis. Only thing i can say, is to offer my condolence for your loss. *hugs you* Something to think about, is you can get jewelry made from ashes, and so you could quite likely have Trinket made into a ring or neckless ornament, and carry Trinket with you at all times. :) a comforting thought hopefully. Hope you tc of yourself while mourning @LilWolf De Lioncourt


I have lost many of my friends over the years, it's never easy. It's hard to lose one who loves you no matter what


Well-Known Member
I had my darling Samoyed Cassie for 16 years. I had to put her down shortly after my mother died and while I was in the midst of a messy court battle with my ex (my 17 year old son refused to visit him because he molested my mentally challenged daughter from a previous marriage and the court ordered me to force my son to visit ... heck, he was already in college! How was I supposed to force him?) Anyway, it was a double hardship because my life was falling apart in so many ways, and Cassie had always been my lifeline. The vet told me that I was doing the kindest thing since Cassie was in pain, but it didn't feel kind to me. I know now, looking back, that it was, but it was so difficult at the time. Cassie was "my" dog, even though everyone in the family loved her. She never left my side, and whenever I was on the computer, she was lying right beside me. I still miss her and that was 2011. Peace to you, LilWolf; I'm so very sorry for your loss. I promise you it does get easier as time passes. It's hard to get through the tough times, but you are stronger than you know. I learned that. Hugs to you.