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News Headless Halloween



Dear Humans and Elves,

On a cold, dark October evening, a haunted creature runs through the fields. Headless and speechless, only a strange, rattling sound leaks from its torso. What could this be? The whole city is in fear as the restless man stumbles over hedge and ditches, trying to find something, it seems.

Reports are coming in that not far away there was a talking head spotted, kidnapped by a filthy bat. The bodyless gentleman has not lost his manners and tries to find his way back. Can you solve the mystery?

This year's Halloween questline will be available from 30 October (afternoon CEST), until 9 November, so make sure to fulfill all quests in time and by helping the body and the head to reunite again, get the awesome Headless Halloween reward building:


3x5 - Culture and Population

We wish you good luck helping this headless man (and perhaps even some old foes from previous events, which you might have wanted to forget) and are looking forward to hearing your feedback in our discussion thread! Happy Halloween!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team