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Hello from Lavender fields mage Kat!


New Member
Hello from Lavender fields I am Kat the mage of the fellowship and we need more people. We are a small group of core members recruiting more people to our fellowship in winyandor. We need plank, scrolls, silk, and dust for boosted goods and active people that would love to have a small group of friends to talk to. We are also looking for new players in the lower chapters to teach them the game help them grow and have more fun! We plan to stay small around 12-15 people with a very causal game play style. I will list our rules below but they are flexible and if anyone one wants to join message me here or in game (Kat20)

Fellowship Rules
  1. Participate fully in the (FS)
  1. Visit your fellow members 4x per week or more
  1. Play the weekly tourney at your city level
  1. Play the spire weekly (for chapter 4 players and above)
  1. Trade always! We understander and support our new players and with their special trading needs for building their cities. Upper-level players (chapter 4 and above) should trade with in tier group with 2 or 3 stars, unless approved beforehand on a need-by need basis
  1. Participate in the “fellowship adventures” that lavender fields decide to play
  1. Contribute by bringing your best self through questions, team spirt, helpfulness
  1. Commit to reading a referencing elvenar gems @ https://elvengems.com for information for each chapter and event for your play... so you can have more fun
  1. We understand that your well-being comes first, for you and your family. We ask that if an occasion occurs that you are not able to meet the minimum play requirements or need to be away for real live issues, please simply let the archmage or mage know so we don’t not worry about you!
  1. And as your mentors, fellow players and team mates we will assist you in every aspect in the growing of your city.
  1. Please note as our fellowship grows the rules might be updates to meet our growing needs. Each fellow will be notified first of any changes. Thank you!

With love
Mage Kat